No Seats Available

Hello, I just bought a CRJ1000 and after creating the flight and assigning it to the aircraft, I noticed two things: (1) there was a red “X” next to the word “seats” and (2) there were dashes where the capacities of each class and cargo units are usually shown. When I looked on the aircraft info page, it said it can carry 100 passengers, so what’s going on?

Thanks for the help in advance!

This aircraft can carry a maximum of 100 passengers but you need to install the seating-configuration into your plane. Cargo won´t be available in the CRJ (don´t ask me why) regardless of your selected configuration.


You have to make a cabin configuration (step 1) and then adjust it to your aircraft (step 2).

Awesome, thanks so much everyone! :slight_smile: I really appreciate it.

and assigning it to the aircraft,

It is possible that your first flights are uploaded but these flights won´t have seats. You should consider to cancel these flights because these flights will result in losses due to lack of revenue.


not letting me set a new seat config for my 737-400's?