Non-flying fleet

Hi all,

Not sure whether I am missing something obvious, but just logged in to check up on my airline and found that nothing is happening. What I mean by this is, that the local time which was 6:10am and yet none of my aircraft have departed their overnight bases. Most are secheduled to leave between 4-5 UTC time. Interestingly enough though the flights have not been cancelled and are just sitting there waiting to depart. Can anyone shed an light on this? Or is anyone else having the same problem?

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Whenever you notice aircraft haven’t departed on flights that should have left already, first check the game status (at the bottom of all in-game screens). You’ll see that THF is a few hours behind schedule at the moment, but working to catch up.

Thanks Tim,

I didn’t know to look out for that and will definately do so in the future. Thanks again for a speedy reply!:D

Sorry Tim, just to be sure I know what to look for, how or where do I see the time? I see the very end section saying ‘co:’ Is that it? Is says ‘updating Flagstaff’ etc. So if its updating does that mean it is running behind time?

You’ll see a whole list of entries. Entries in red are more than 2 minutes (I think) behind schedule. Entries in yellow are 2 minutes or less behind schedule. Entries in green are still to come. Between the red/yellow and the green entries, you can see the current server time. If there is no delay, you see the server time at the top of the list.