Numerous "Internal Error" pages while adding/modifying flight plans

Is anyone else experiencing this? It started early this morning for me.

Whenever I’m adding or modifying a flight, I get numerous “Internal Error” pages.

Add a flight - Internal Error
Modify departure time - Internal Error
Execute flight plan - Internal Error

I have to go back to the flight plan page and start whatever change I was making over again. The second time it successfully completes, but then if I go to make another change on a flight at a different time, it kicks me to “Internal Error” again.

Was something changed this weekend on the server side? My desktop has not changed at all. No updates, no new extensions, no restarts, nothing. I’m not sure why this error is suddenly occuring so often starting this morning.

Now it’s getting worse.

I’ve been sent to an internal error screen or logged out 6 times while trying to add two flights to a plane.

Create flight #1 TOL->JFK success
Create flight #2 JFK->TOL success
Add station MIA -> Login screen
Login -> back station screen
Add station MIA -> Login screen again
Login -> back to station screen
Add station MIA -> Successful on 3rd try
Add flight TOL->MIA : Login screen
Login -> Internal Error
Return To home page -> Login
Login -> Back to login screen
Login sends me to Game Status screen

Back to flight planner for plane #1
Add flight #3 TOL-> MIA : Success
Add flight #4 MIA->TOL : Internal Error
Return to Home Page -> Game Status Screen
Get back to flight planner for plane #1
Try to add flight #4 again MIA->TOL : Internal Error AGAIN

Edit to add: This was on Domination this time. Yesterday it was happening on Xiguan and Wright.

Seeing frequent login screens hints at some problem related to the session. And that is affects you across game worlds let’s me assume it’s not an issue specific to a particular game world.

Can you tell me real quick which browser you use, which country you use AirlineSim from and whether you access the game through a company, university or otherwise shared network or a VPN?

I was using Opera. I’m located in Florida, USA. No VPN or shared network of any kind.

I changed browsers from Opera to Brave browser about an hour ago, and it seems to be working again. I haven’t had a single issue since I switched browsers.

Not sure why it suddenly broke. I didn’t add any extensions or update it, nor did I update anything on my system at all. But it seems to be an issue with my browser.

You can close this. Thanks.

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Hm, still odd. Let me know should this happen again, especially with the other browser.

I remember that this happened to me also once. Can’t remember which world or browser but when I changed the browser, nothing happened. So I restarted my laptop and after that, it worked again.

I get this regularly, Win 10 and Chrome. It only happens when I’m trying to start a bid for an a/c. I also use NordVPN. The time of day doesn’t seem to matter. Croydon server. It happens on both my laptop and desktop.

Also happens regularly to me when bidding on aircraft, Win10 and Brave browser