Ok new credit financing

I’m confused. I cannot see any difference when buying with a loan/credit on new or 2end hand planes?

You should see annuity loans instead. Most noticeable should be the much lower interest now - which is pending on the server you’re looking at.

ah ok is it not on ellinkion yet?

will it be just for new planes?

Ellinikon’s main page shows the patched interest, so I take it it’s there.

I cannot see a difference :frowning:

I am also a bit confused. First I was surprised by the extremely high interest rate of presently 11,50% on my server. But then I saw that it says: “Annual interest rates assuming a AAA rating.” But then again on the dept page in corporate finance it says it is a fixed interest rate per week. Unfortunately principal per week is no longer splitted up between interest costs and payback amount for the credit, it only gives a sum without letting me know how much of it the interest rate is. Can anybody explain this a bit closer? Is the interest rate now per year or week? Why is there no more a separation between interests per week and payback rate which would easily make it crystal clear?


Ob das neue individuelle Finanzierungsmodell gut ist, kann ich noch nicht beurteilen, folgende Dinge sind zu überdenken:

1.) Der tägliche Zinssatz ist nicht auf der allgemeinen Seite einer Airline ersichtlich bzw. wenigstens auf der Seite Märkte und Börsen
2.) Im Flugzeugmarkt ist nicht ein einziger Hinweis, wie hoch der Prozentsatz der Zinsen eines Kredits ist
3.) Bei den Herstellern steht zwar etwas von Annuitäten aufgrund des persönlichen Prozentsatzes von X%, wie hoch tatsächlich der Zinssatz ist, steht nicht genau da.
4.) Auf der Seite der Unternehmensfinanzierung -> Fremdkapital ist der Spieler jetzt gezwungen, den Zoom-Out zu verwenden, um eine übersichtliche Darstellung zu erhalten, damit wird es aber unleserlich, nur weil statt “Kredit” nun “Tilgungsdarlehen” dasteht und auch eine Vertragsnummer, die Informationen über Zahlungen liefert, die meiner Meinung nach völlig irrelevant sind oder anders hätten dargestellt und verlinkt werden können.

Fazit: Schlechte Umsetzung eines Features!



I cannot yet judge whether the new individual financing model is good, the following things need to be reconsidered:

1.) The daily interest rate is not visible on the general side of an airline or at least on the markets and exchanges page
2.) In the aircraft market there is not a single indication of what the percentage interest on a loan is
3.) With the manufacturers there is something about annuities due to the personal percentage of X%, how high the interest rate is, is not exactly there.
4.) On the corporate finance -> debt side, the player is now forced to use the zoom-out to get a clear view, but this makes it illegible, just because instead of “credit” there is now “repayment loan” and also a contract number that provides information about payments that, in my opinion, are completely irrelevant or could otherwise have been displayed and linked.

Conclusion: poor implementation of a feature!



Calculation errors identified:

In the menu item corporate finance -> debt, the total does not match the total of the loans shown in the balance sheet.

Kind regards


Berechnungsfehler identifiziert:

Im Menüpunkt Unternehmensfinanzierung -> Fremdkapital stimmt die Summe nicht überein mit der in der Bilanz ausgewiesenen Summe der Darlehen.

Freundliche Grüße


I’m wondering about the 0,12% interest if you buy aircraft’s, that much more cheaper right now than leasing.
If you open airlinesim it will be 6,5% if you have aircraft’s and 7,5% if you have nothing.

The interest rate depends on the server economy. On Riem e.g. the rate is far higher.

Loans have been switched to annuities.
The annuity is a fixed per week payment (installment, principal) and includes both payback and interest.
It’s the nature of an annuity loan that payback rises while interest decreases from week to week (to keep the annuity const) - hence can’t a fixed amount of weekly interest be stated.

If you want to know your total interest on the (aircraft) loan, take the amount stated under “weekly installment”, multiply with 260. Then substract the result [“price per aircraft”-“downpayment per aircraft”] from it.

I do agree that designations right now are utterly confusing.
“weekly installment” on the purchase options site is “principal/week” - and unlike previousely do include interest.

The interest on the main page is per year for secured loans (aircraft financing) but per week (!) for unsecured loans.

I think I got it in the meanwhile. I wa confused as the main pages says annual interest rate. All I waned to know was how high the interest itself is if I loan e.g. 1 mio AS$. I now have to click on the credit contract ID because unfortunately it is no more visible on the overview page.

Hello AS team,

what happens to the different amounts of loans on the balance sheet and on the debt financing side?

Is it planned to improve the presentation on the debt financing side so that a zoom to 125% (legibility of the writing) is possible without text breaks occurring?

Hallo AS-Team,

was passiert mit der unterschiedlichen Summe der Kredite in Bilanz und auf der Seite der Fremdfinanzierung?

Ist es geplant, die Darstellung auf der Seite der Fremdfinanzierung noch zu verbessern, so dass ein Zoom auf 125% (Lesbarkeit der Schrift) möglich ist, ohne dass Textumbrüche auftauchen?

Greetings Antares

I’m sure we will look into fixes / improvements to be included in the next maintenance patch. As the credit financing itself is working as intended, we don’t see need for immediate changes.

@Antares: I’ve looked at the balance sheets for my airlines, but wasn’t able to find any error regarding the total loan amount.
In case that issue still exits for your airline, place send us an e-mail to support@airlinesim.aero with details on that, so we can have a look. Thanks!

As the credit financing itself is working as intended, we don’t see need for immediate changes.

Was it really intended the that ‘normal’ loans interest rates (not to buy planes) will rise by a factor of 6 or so?

I doubt that. :slight_smile:
I also have wrong numbers displayed on the balance page. I have no loans but there it says 5 million. Anyhow, with the experiences gained with writing messages to the support I guess it is a waste of time and I do not care too much about that mistake.

You have no loans but they show up on your balance sheet? Can you elaborate?

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On the dept column of corporate finance it says that I am debt free while on the balance sheet under number 4250 it says I am having a 5 millions loan.

Hm, did you have a loan like this before? Maybe one that you repaid manually or something? Trying to figure out what’s happened here.

I had a loan before, I took it before the patch. It was way more than 5 Mio and I fully paid it back by repayment. Anyhow it remains in the balance sheet.