older vs newer planes

For flying to 1 bar and 2 bar airports.

Just curious has anybody compared older more popular small ish planes such as Fokker f70 around 20 years. compared to say a newer unpopular type of plane such as a 5 year old avic ii y-7-200. 

Just looking for cheap short range low demand planes. I have been using some let 410's but i am wanting to have about twice the capacity. I do decent with these but they are certainly not ideal.

My main concerns

1) air line image does the age affect it more than the planes popularity??

2) ors ratings especially in regard to transfers.



Older jets, vs. Newer props? Id go with the older jets, however, both of these will negatively affect your main airline’s image. I would start a subsidiary to operate newer props myself in these situations and IL between the two. Just my opinion, and YMMV.

Too small currently to start a subsidiary. But that is a good idea.