On-Board service (1500km)

Hey guys. So I was creating a on-board service and added some features that made in (min 1500km).I was making a new schedule and selected this profile on a flight which is about 500km. AS allowed me to do so with no error message. So I’m wondering what is going to happen on that flight? Will people get the hot meals or what happens then you put (min 1500km) profile on short routes?

Are you really sure that a) the service profile requests a minimum of 1500km distance and B) the flight has only a range of 500km?

In this case, it would be good if you could send us screenshots and some information about airline name and game server to support@airlinesim.aero

Please also explain us in that mail how you could add the profile to this flight too.

Yup i’m doing route between HND ant ITM its 300km and in scheduling screen i can select services with min 1500 and create flight numbers and then activate the schedule with no problem. So you think that’s a bug? If so i could send some pictures to support.

Sure - no other possibility …

In the flight management it is possible to put every Service Profile to every flight. But look at the route there you will see that the Service Profile is not in use (it will be the standard profile)