On-Board service change


Is it possible to change on board service on all routes fast?

As far as i know = NO

You have to do it route by route.

That is bad :confused: especially if you have a big airliner :confused:

Wait a second!!! If I edit the existing one will the changes be applied to all flights automaticaly?? :o If so i just did a lot of work for nothing :D

Each cabin-service has a name which you have chosen when starting.

You can edit the existing names (either upgrade or downgrade them). after you have saved the changes the new profile-level will apply to all flights with this service-name. either immediately or latest after 3 days.

but when you like to create fully new cabin-service names you have to alter route by route by hand.

(english is not my native language - sorry)

OK now it makes sense that there is no possibility to change all routes on-board service configuration as you can just edit the one you already have.