ORS page does not show

Hi folks

I have follwing problem.

Its about the Online Reservation System ORS:

The page opens normally and I can insert the route to search.

But during the search of the results, about about 2 bars of waitning in the browser, the Internet Explorer shows "page cannot be displayed", like as if the page is not active.

Can anybody help? I think its a Explorer problem, rather than Airlinesim. Althogh it is strange because weeks ago it worked.

Kind regards

Alex N

CEO Chicken Wings Switzerland


if some websites or pages load, and others give a "page cannot be displayed" error, there are several possible causes and solutions…

If you are using a proxy, change the settings of your browser and uncheck using a proxy.

Perhaps your browsers cache is corrupted. In that case deleting your history file may solve the problem. This can also be done through the settings/options of your browser.

And if Sheldon Cooper is registered here, he can give you a hundred other reasons and solutions ;)


Now also my financial schedule cannot be displayed

I believe there is something with the memory. My financial schedule is long, and also the ORS System is big…

I tried to clear/clean the cache. I cleaned the registry. But no change…