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Apologies if this has been posted before, but I could not find it in the forum’s. For a flight with just one hop, do passengers look at the flight rating? Or do they just look straight at the overall journey rating? The reason I ask is my flights normally have 80+ rating for individual flights (beating my competitors by a long way) but all flights (including my competitors) have 99 as the total journey rating! Is there actually any point making the individual flight rating higher if any direct flight seems to get a 99 anyway?

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I guess nobody knows :(

always overrall rating

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I don’t want to start new topic, because my question looks like a topic start one. Is ors rating a last? My competitor have a rating 77 on some route. I have 96 on the same route. But i sell much less ticket. I should note, that i don’t have a large route map, but i though that it was already included in the ORS rating.

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the ORS rating only shows how much pax like it. how many transfer pax you actually generate depends on the rating plus your capacity plus your competition.

for instance: let’s say, there are only two players serving A to C via B, no direct flights from A to C.

you have a rating of 99, your opponent a rating of 10. You have a dash with 55 seats flying from A to B and a 777 from B to C.

your opponent has a b737 doing both legs…

you can get a maximum of 55 pax as transfer pax onto your 777, as you can’t get in any more pax due to the small dash. your opponent can pick up the rest.

or with other words: the ORS doesn’t take into account capacity, only how likely pax are to book a particular route, if seats are available.

How long is open that route?

for full filing you need on some route min 4-7 days, for some other route you need network to bring and take away passengers from your HUB

what aircraft you use, and what competitor?

passengers loves bigger and better aircraft’s, so if you use Dash 8 and your competitor 737-900 or A320 you lose this battle

did you check prices in On-line reservation system for that route?

ticket price + cabin service + cabin configuration = full aircraft

for some route you need network too (alliance and interlining) for use full potential of route