Overview about my credits spend on different servers


Is there a way to get the info about how the credits are being spent on different servers? I recently loaded some, and i have a feeling they are flowing a tad too fast for my two holdings (one pearls, one tempelhof)... The credit recharge page also states "Accounts without active holdings also cost a small amount of credits a day which can be avoided by deactivating your inactive account."

I went through all the servers where I ever tried to start up, and tried to call the deactivation, but got the access denied.

So, is there a kind of a page showing:

5th Sept.2013, at 15:30: 4 credits on BlaBla in Tempelhof

5th Sept.2013, at 17:45: 4 credits on FooBar in Pearls


Go into the account management and click on "Your previous credit purchases" - there is a list of credit movement.

Ok, thanks!