Passenger handling fees ?


A question.

I have one hub, so I would presume that whatever I pay in passanger handling fees a week, half of that is accumulated from my hub (Flights have a start point and same number of start points on opposite ends of the route).

But why don't the numbers add up ? If I divide what I paid in PAX handling by two, the number is significantly less than what I have as PAX.

This came up as I'm wondering about a service contract at my airport. If I do sign up for one do I pay the provider by the amount of capacity I'm offering or by the number of PAX I actually transport ? Also does a 5* terminal have any mentionable positive effect on the flight rating ? Or would it perhaps even reduce connection times or is that airport rather than terminal specific ?



Passenger Fees are paid by Passenger.... so if you have 50 passengers on a flight you pay groundhandling fees for 50 passengers. Have a look on the "$" register and then "Bank account" there you will see that for each individual flight a ground handling fee was payed for the passengers that where on that flight. Only if all your weekly flights are full and the return flight as well and for all flights your handling partner is the same ... then you can say 50% of the costs are from your hub..... but thats normally not the case since the flights are over one week not equally booked. If you take up an offer different from AS standard then it depends on how much capacity is offered by the player. If you transported 12000 Passengers last week und you offer 15000 seats and the company has space for 15000 for example then you can book the space for 15000. If you transport only 13000 you will pay only for 12000. If you increase your passengers and you have 16000 passengers per week but you booked only for 15000 then the last 1000 will be handeled by AS standard.

And yes a 5 star terminal with Jetties will have a positive impact on your rating...not a very big one but it might bring you more passengers especially if your competitors use no terminals. But it will not reduce the connection time or anything else. It only increases your rating for that flight a little.

So you're saying, that it always makes perfect sense to make a ground handling deal, if the price is below the 11 AS$ ?

Its up to your judgement. Don't forget that you spend that money to another competetor. So if you do it at your homebase you help him growing. I like to grow and once you have enough cash you can start building a terminal yourself and rent it to yourself so the money stay in your pocket.  ;)