Passenger Terminals

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When I sign a contract for passenger/cargo movements at an existing terminal, I then get the option to ‘Set as Default’. Does anyone know what this actually means? Once I do this, do I then go to every flight I want to allocate to the terminal and change the contract under Route Management, or does it automatically assign the flights as it is the ‘default’ contract?

Also, say I have a weekly capacity of 800 to an airport, but my pax handling contract is for 600pax, and I have assigned flights to that particular contract. Do I then pay the standard AS fair for the remaining 200 pax?

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1.) The default contract will be selected, when creating NEW flights. It has no influence to the old flights.

2.) Yes the 200 pax will get AS Handling for 11$

Thanks GoldenGate. Is the AS$11 handling standard across all airports?