Passengers Airplanes as Cargo Airplanes Question

I had a thought recently, could I operate my passenger planes as cargo aircraft temporarily.

Currently I am on a server with an AGEX going down and I have an excess of aircraft, however with as a cheap as they are I want to keep them for when things return to normal. I thought about how airlines are using their planes to run cargo in their belly while they aren’t needed for passenger service. Could this be done effectively in AS and has anyone tried it.

I am lookin at using either 777-200s or -200ERs for cargo flights.

Depends on the server.
On old “static” servers you’re fairly limited here - 104cu on the 772 no matter what.
On dynamic turnround servers, you can do 213cu in containers when there are no bags to load.
But I doubt you’ll fill those planes because

  • there might not be sufficient demand
  • and you’ll offer your cargo capacity with the usual paxflight rating penalty on cargo