PAX not boarding/Buying seats

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First of all a happy 2012 to you! But now for my question. I have a Flight in Tempelhof from Rome (FCO), via Toulouse (TLS) to Barcelona (BCN) but my seats are not being sold. If i look in the route management page the ligth after the pax-sign is red. My wild guess is that this isn’t good. Could anyone explain what is wrong? I don’t think it can be a treaty-problem because all the countries are member of the EU or am i wrong? Any help would be very much appriciated.

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In which country is your holding located?

If outside the EU-Treaty you won’t have traffic rights.

Well that’s the weird thing; my holding is located in the Netherlands, amsterdam to be precise.


is it a passenger plane ? Does it have seats installed ? Did you assign flight attendants ?



thank you all for your quick replies. In regard to Sobelair. Yes it is a passengerplane and it has seats assigned. The other flights in it’s schedule give no problems and are accepting pax. I have attached a prinscreen of the ‘haunted’ route maybe this helps.




No idea why!

Maybe delete the flights and the route - then book again with 2 Flight-Numbers. Otherwise contact support.

Conducteur2: thank you, that did the trick! But i guess it was a software error then. It worked when i made two seperate flights. BTW what are the advantages of 1 flight (from A via B to C) instead of 2 seperate flights (from A to B and then another flight B to C)?

Thank you all for your help and replies.

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Seems it was a bug.

I often heard from the forum that 2-Segment-flights get less bookings than doing the same with 2 flight numbers. Via-flights are only useful in Africa (Yamasoukrou-Decision) elsewhere there’s no advantage.