pearl always deletes my logo!

Hey so is anyone else having the problem in pearls where the server deletes they’re logo? It happens to me nearly everyday now :(

Logos will need approval from AS Staff. When it is OK it should be visile. If you put a logo on every day they will take longer since they will look at the latest one … just be patient. If you have any question regarding the logo its better to ask the support directly at

This is not my case since I have the same logo on meigs and this is in regards to my large logo. I don’t have this problem on meigs!

If I recall correctly then 3 different Team members have to approve it … and there is somewhere a thread where people complaining about the same … on one server the logo was accepted and on the other the exact same logo was not approved … so best thing write to the support and you will get the help and answers …

Isn’t this the copied US Airways logo? Then it was me deleting it ;)

Nope. similar…but not the same!

ok, but that’s forbidden in many countries, so don’t use them again…