Perimeter Rule's Effect on Demand

For airports with a perimeter rule (New York-LaGuardia; Washington-National), is there any effect on demand for longer routes? Like does LaGuardia not have demand for LAX since it doesn’t have any flights in real life?

I guess it works simply as ground connection.
I mean, if you operate LGA-LAX you can get pax from JFK and EWR if prices are interesting (in other words, if you have a high ORS rating with the EWR-LGA-LAX leg compared to EWR-LAX flights)

I operate a few transcontinentals out of LGA but especially DCA. Never had an issue filling them.
The demand between the pairs is there - and people fly between the two specific airports - but the itineraries are always one-stop due to the rule.

These airports will still have similar demand to their counterparts (e. g. comparing DCA and IAD), just with lower numbers due to the missing direct flights in reality. But in-game game, there will be direct demand for DCA-LAX or DCA-LHR, so it definitely makes sense to try such routes, especially as connections will still bring more passengers anyway.