Pilots Crew Problem (?)

Could possibly someone explain me why I need 16 pilots and 32 attendants for 2 A321 in leasing? If I’m not wrong this is the configuration for 4 planes of the kind. Thank you.

8 pilots per plane. Seems right. :)

Thank you for the quick reply Fencc01. I thought that the wiki mentioned four crew (pilot members) per plane and not four crews as I realized now! :blush: Thank you again! Cheers!

8 pilots per plane are necessary on the duty roster. There have to be enough pilots for flying the plane while other staff are on holiday, days free of duty, illlness etc

Cabin crew is configured in the cabin configuration. I have found (though not monetarily mesasured) that selecting the max possible no. of crew members boosts seat load factors - and the relative cost of doing is actually pretty small!