ppl arent buying my tickets

[size="4"]all of my flights are at 38% booking max and i loose money even on good routes that are empty from other flights, can someone tell me what am i doing wrong???[/size]

look on the thread seats not filling

[size="4"]i looked before i posted these…[/size]



may be not only look, you also must read what is posted there

if nothing of the information there is helpful, you should be a little more specific about your problems,

because we have no visionaries here

Have you read the wiki tutorial ? It is very helpful since nearly all beginners encounter the same problems.

[size="4"]i have many routes that nobody pick, for [/size][size=2]example[/size][size="4"] i am the only one [/size][size=2]operating palma-nice route i have defult price and a good rating and still only 30 passengers out of 78, why is that???[/size][size="4"] [/size]

If you only started operations at 01:12 yesterday that means you haven’t waited the full 3 day ticket allocation period. So wait and see…

Some routes even if your prices are cheap and you are the only operator, just wont fill, it just happens so just cut those routes and try different ones, the ones that do fill repeat them often

By the way i took liberty of removing your extra question marks as adding more wont get your question answered any quicker

for PMI-NCE i can answer it, there is low demand, i have this route on fornebu

[size="4"]thanks chill[/size]

Try to have as many connections as possible and start sending out interlining proposals (but make sure they make sense). Make sure your flight ratings are in the green and wait 3 days. I did all this and my planes are starting to fill up.