premium anccount

hello all

how can i become a premium anncount?


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well buy credits

you have to buy some credits, after that you get a premium account.

And what am i doing with that credits? P.s I have 60 credits

The important word here is "buy". The free credits you get by creating an account are not suitable for a premium account, but only for testing out the game. You have to "buy" some credits, then your status is automatically updated to premium. No further action required.

Why i cant be premium

What exactly do you want to know? You have to buy credits to become a premium member.

to become premium buy 2000 credits

Stop that nonsense

This is a pay to PLAY game, so you have to buy credits if you want to play itn

Premium, however, only neans, you are a long time player/have purchased credits.

If it is the snallest package or an infinite number makes no differnece

to become premium buy 2000 credits

To be premium you must by credits, if can be 50 if you want. Each game world descesases tour credits by 4 credits per day. (6 on hoover). By not been premium you get the equivalent on 30 credits, and once they are gone you don’t get access