Prices in "via" Flights

Hi, guys, sorry for the n00b question.

When you select a plane to make some ‘via’ flights, how you choose the price for the segments? … meaning…

I have a A -> B -> C flight

The price exposed is A -> C only, right?

Is it possible to select the price for each segment, like A->B AS$ 10; B->C AS$ 20 and A->C AS$ 28?

I tried to create these 3 flights with the same aircraft but, of course, the system said my plane wasn’t avaiable for the A->C flight.

Any help would be welcome!

Thank you!

The price is always set per segment.

It’s not possible to have any through fares over several segments. The price of A->C is A+B. Beyound Africa via-flights do not make much sense. There’s simply no advantage, in the ORS they’re still rated as connecting flights.

Hmmmm… interesting

I thought if I create an A-B-C flight it could be good in cases when my flights were not fully booked from A-C. So, stopping in B, some extra cargo could be loaded in the plane.

Thats right, but you loose the direct-flight advantage in the ORS-Rating.

When operating a cargo-airline everything is OK, when operating pax you have to check whether you have traffic rights on B->C or not.

Tks a lot, man!

I am sure this is an interesting conundrum for the game creators.

On one hand, I would like to have the ability to set prices for every O&D that I serve (i.e. A->B, A->C, A->D, B->C, B->D, and so on). The fact that connection fares are a combination of local fares (A->B + B->C) is not real world-like, at all. However, I can see how setting up the real-world system would be difficult to program, difficult on servers (a lot more data to crunch), difficult on users (a lot more fares to set).

On balance, I think I would like to see O&D pricing, with some kind of automation to make it happen. I am not sure if many users would agree with me. I just prefer the game be as real as possible.