Private World "No name"

So, we are looking for 8 to 13 fellow airlinesimers to join us in a brand new private game world. Name of the world as well rules will be discussed when we all gather.

Some things you need to know in advance:

* Our initial aim is minimum 10 players - maximum 15. Later if needed or decided we could add more.

* Each applicant would be ok to share cost whether 10 of us begin or 15. Absolute minimum is set to 10 players. Doing the math, each participant would have to pay from 24 to 36 euros on a monthly base depending on how many we are.

* Initial payment according to asim developers is 3 months upfront. Our suggestion is we continue such as, paying in advance 3 months so we can all have some security and time to replace someone if needed.

* Whatsapp group proposed for more efficient communication setting up the world. My so far experience is only positive as I use it in the public world I participate so I strongly agree on this. If you agree, just pm me your mobile. Group will be created once we are 10 members or close to 10. Otherwise your numbers stay private and never used.

* As of today, 27 October, we are 9 willing to participate so we need another 1 at least.

We are open to suggestions, ideas etc as well your interest joining us!

Thank you

I am in.

If pre-used aircraft would be available. (all currently in service types)

Thanks for your interest Alex! Well, about used planes as well other details such as slots, initial capital, number of holdings etc., we can discuss them once we are 10. To be honest, i m against used metal as its just a way for way faster growth and thus faster boredom, but if others ask for this I m not gonna object.

For all interested, I 've updated initial post with some more info.

However is a way to make it real. For example Austrian Airlines have not seen an aircraft from the factory for ages now.

Many airlines use 737-300/400/500, American's are still flying 757's and some places use the MD's. It also makes it more dynamic:I had to wait three weeks to buy an A321 in the new world without pre-used planes.... and everyone else is in the same situation....

I have written my "desires" in a topic that i have started. might be interesting for you

As said before and actually being a member of asim for some years now, its difficult to change my mind. Used metal is probably good in public worlds where competition exists and u got grab the slots but in a private world many things gonna be different - realism gonna be one of these. Anyway, we could discuss all these if and when we are 10. I may create the world but we will all decide on such things. Could you pm me your mobile so I add you when it will be time to open the whatsapp group?

2 more players to reach 10 or 7 to reach maximum planned 15. Hurry up!

I would be interested in joining this private world. Should be fun.  :D

Yep, it should, that's the point afterall :) Please pm me your mobile for the whatsapp group.

So, now we need two more players to be 10. Whatsapp group on the way during the weekend so we can setup our world.

i am interestet

Noted! Please pm your mobile for whatsapp group coming during the weekend.

Two more to go! 8/10 positions filled.

All 7 so far interested should have received by now a pm with a link to visit so we can start setting up the world.

Hi, I am in.

One spot left to go! Hope most by next weekend we will have our world!

We are still looking for 1 to 6 more players.

There are still major markets available such as USA, China, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India and Japan.

I am interested, US based airline.

Help me though understand, do you really want to join or you gonna start a new game world?

In case you want to join, there's a last open spot in USA.

I would prefer to join an exclusive game world, not create one.

Creating one is a last resort if I can't join one. I love AS and playing in smaller groups.


Update as of Nov 1

- 11 players will be starting the world

- world will shortly lock for new players as we need to order it; new members spots will open in some 2 months

- some big markets still available (Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China etc. plus numerous smaller)

World is now locked! 

New players will be accepted near the end of first quarter, some time around end of January.

Good luck and have fun!