Project Tegel: New private server

Hi every one.

I go with the idea of ​​creating a new private server called “Tegel” (Right now operating airport yet but soon past)

The reason I will try to start my own server is that since the start of Zeppelin I have played on Zeppelin until it shut down, I then tried to board Constellation and then Lebourget, Drama has since made me no longer feel like to play on these servers, there are also too strict rules on some of the servers that do not really fit my needs.

The rules I intend to start with are.

  1. “Real airlines EXCLUSIVELY, fictitious are not allowed, then in my optics you can find a public server (there I already scared some players away but we can find a solution if you still want a fictitious company or something)”.

  2. 10 stocks must be allowed, I have in my time in Airlinesim on private servers experienced that there is usually a maximum of holdings of 5-7, this I personally think is too small a limit as some people like to play REALLY big with a worldwide network where 5 Holdings is not enough, therefore I think a ceiling of 9 is completely in place. BUT now we come to the fun. if people should fancy a 10 Holding it’s totally in place! I want to allow you to set up a company in difficult markets, ie if you, for example, own, Swiss, SAS, Ethiopean, Aeroflot, Air China, united, BA, IranAir AND Air Astana, then it is perfectly fine to you create eg “Uganda Airways” or Boviliana De Aviacion as these are for example some places that are described as troublesome markets, a list will come later.
    (NB: 4 companies on the continent of europe are allowed)

3), EU Treaty, This will be allowed and the server will get an “open investment B list”, this means that larger markets like Kazakhstan, ukraine etc will be open markets. BUT! it will ONLY be allowed to operate to and from its home markets, for example if you own airBaltic, then you must make routes out of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, if you own Swiss, then you may only create routes out of Switzerland, this is helping to create realism and fair competition, now I have seen so many places that KLM operates out of Barcelona and LOT out of Paris, this is something I personally do not like as it primarily blocks slots if eg AerLingus has a base in Warsaw and there is a brand new player who wants to try out LOT, so he who wants to try out LOT may have a hard time getting into WAW and building a good foundation for a company.
NB: Start of money will be 75M.

4), Setup, as mentioned above, the setup without nighttimeban, with B list and old planes is allowed. NOTE: These are planes that have been in production after 1980 as planes from that year will ruin the game a bit if, for example, player B buys 100 DC10 for 50k each and thereby meets an airport lightning fast. everything from the B747-300 onwards will be in the game and up to the latest A350.

5), payment that must of course be contributed and it will be monthly payment of 15 euros per month and 25 players allowed on the server. and we use DIscord for communication which I have linked to below, EVERYONE is welcome to join the Discord server for a chat if you want to know more.
I use Paypal to contributions, details pr PM

  1. A little about myself, my name is Andrew and I am from Denmark. I have played AirlineSim since 2015 and now have a good deal of experience, I have various challenges in the real world that make me go home without a job at the moment and therefore plenty of time for eg AirlineSim.
    I also love to travel and have traveled in a good handful of countries already I would think despite my young age of 24 I have traveled in Thailand, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, (India only Delhi when I was in Transit for 9 hours and had to leave the airport on day visas), and most countries on the continent of Europe I have also visited.

I look forward to hearing from potential players for this project and cross my fingers that it succeeded <3

(i used Google Translate cause my english is not the best but ur really welcome to ask if you have some questions) <3

Are ILs between own companies allowed?
Hiw will you distribute the world? Is everybody allowed to open everywhere? Or is there a wish list?

IL’s between holdings are of course allowed, this I completely forgot to mention in the description and I just add it.

You can open your holdings wherever you want, however, a maximum of 4 holdings in Europe
However, I prefer that the maximum is 3 farms per country but this can be discussed, this is so it will not be a huge goat market on top of, A country like Germany can be an exception for 3 people as it is so huge :slight_smile:

How the world will be governed will be by a team of 3 people in the management due to as nothing works so perfectly without a management, 3 people is because democracy is run and there should be no possibility of voting for a proposal.
When the management has discussed things, it is handed over to the rest of the players on the server so we can hear if there should be changes to the rules, everyone should have fun and I do not bother with a dictatorial feeling that NOBODY is heard.

The Discord-link has been updated :slight_smile:

both discord links are showing up as invalid :frowning:

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Discord updates the link at all time :-(… try this

Hello :slight_smile:
We are now 11 members in the project, the server was required to start the 1 September, the first paidment will be 45 Euro’s pr person (3 month paidment) (if we start with 24 persons inclusive my self, more if we are smaller then 24) and for all time in the future will the paidment be 15 euro pr month.

Im really glad to see how many who like my project with the setup <3

Cheers Andrew

Hello, did u already in the discord or i should to sent u a new link :-)?

Hi, do you plan do play with new aircraft only? I personally like to play with Fokker and A300s and so on… (not used but available to buy!)

This aircraft models will be aviable :slight_smile:

And i can now update to people we are 14 players, wow i dont thought the project was going so fast im so exicted for that, if all going well will we launch the 31Aug-1Sept

We have 11 slots left :slight_smile:

hi i might be interested too i am in constellation at the moment and i do remember you think i joined your discord too can i private messaged you if ok thanks :).

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PM arrived and now we are 16 members, we still have 9 slots guys!

The Discord is still here.


Hi, I would like to join. Are there still places left?

Best regards

We have 2 slots left and some nice opportunities. Join in!

Is there one more slot open for me?



Tegel still had some slots, we hope to see u soon in our own community with prof AS gamers :slight_smile: