Question on EMB190 series

Why is it that on the EMB page they have a seat map with 114 seats. In AS there is no way to get 114 seats, max is 114 with hd Slim.

Please correct the seat maps as there is 114 seating in the EMB190 series and EMB190E2 series

Think theres a small typo… with Slim HD max is 112.

So looking at the Embraer site, the only way the extra half row is possible is by removing the front galley. Which would defo mean you couldn’t offer cold or hot meals to your passengers. Maybe it would be an interesting discussion to introduce customisable cabin space toilets, galleys, jump seats, as all of these have changed over the years to squeeze more pax in (114 in an E190). All of these would have to have consequences such as less galley space = less able to offer meals etc

Not true the backgalley is operational. So there could be a meal Service.

There could be a meal service but would be severely limited. You would definitely not be able to fit, cook and cater for 114 people in the rear galley alone all of these…

  • Soft Drinks, Beer, Wine and Champagne
  • Deli Sandwich
  • Large Warm Economy Meal
  • Additional Warm Meal

Seems we are not on a wide body interconti. The EMB serves routes in Europe of 1000km modtly. AMS-VIE. Or AMS FRA. So you dont need cater a lot. But the seatmap is wrong!

Thing is: the smallest seat in AS is equal to roundabout 29.1".
What is the seat pitch for a 114 seatmap?

According to the EMB website. 30” or 29”

That’s the very problem with such info. 29 or 30 (mixed pitch) isn’t something to work with in AS.
What do we have:
The E190 in game has a length that exactly is 28 times a HD seat = 112 seats.
Now if you make it 114, you’d need to stretch the cabin by a full row which would be wrong all the way. AS cabins are rectangular and can’t simulate that half row needed for 114.

If I look at more detailed ERJ manuals I get a constant pitch of 31" for 26 rows. With this value, our cabin is too long actually.
Consequently I’d say it is ok the way it is (and I think it has been discussed before)