Quick question about money income

Quick question I wasn’t able to answer my self and I wasn’t able to find an answer on the forum. When do I earn money? I mean, when do I receive the profit/loss from a flight? Before, during or after the flight has ended? Thanks

Basically everything in terms of revenue and expenses is calculated when the flight takes off (unless there’s a contract, like for leasing or terminals or staff).

So when the flight takes of, you get the revenue from that flight and immediately pay for fuel, handling costs, maintenance (if it was done before the flight) and so on.

If you go to your account page and click on the “bank account” tab, you’ll find all individual amounts listed there.

Remember that it does not matter if you are in the red as long as it isn’t a weekend closing or time to pay leasing. To squeeze out every last dollar going into red doesn’t matter but you need to be sure you will be in the black by end of week.

Well, don’t matter I wouldn’t say. If you don’t have the money to pay the leasing fee you loose the aircraft. You get the deposit back, but you loose the money you spent for the cabin. But not having enough money for the week closing is definately the worst case. Fortunately you get usually automatically up to 3 emergency loans in this case.

“Management - Cash Flow” is also an important report where you can see when you have to pay the next bills (but consider that the week closing payment might be a bit higher than in the report as the salary expenses displayed depends on the salary of the week before; week means in this case business week / week of your weekly close and not real week)

Nope, this issue has been fixed meanwhile; Cash Flow shows now always the right amount.

Yu’re right, thx for correcting me. Was so used to take care of this point :wink:

Actually maintenance will not be performed if there’s not enough money for it. Which can eventually lead to a spiral of not enough money for maintenance --> plane doesn’t take off cause it’s at <50% condition --> no profit --> repeat.

Seriously? I remember going negative just to fuel quicker expansion during the week and just make sure to have everything on the week end closing day (for the closing and all leases). If I remember it correctly it was the maintenance taking me into the negative (which means it must be done?) and as soon as the money was made up during the day I would get a new plane and again be at 0 and go negative with the maintenance. Although it’s a long time since I played AS, feels like im forgetting everything ;).

Just to confirm: Yes, maintenance has to be paid in cash. So it can indeed be dangerous when playing with very low cash reserves and maintenance coming up… (but not getting done because of lack of cash).

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