[Quimby] Price Change not really updated

Hey guys,

Anyone with the same problem?

When I go to the Inventory, and change a price (either one, may be Y, C, or Cargo), this is what happens:


Route A - B

"New price" selected, and changed (by the keyboard, not by scrolling the scale)

"Apply prices only" square clicked

Message "settings have been updated" in green appears on the top of the screen

Price is not changed (remains the previous one)

That is to say: I can only change prices either flight number by flight number, or in the Pricing Tab (for all flights of a particular route)

Gameworld: Quimby

Do you have the necessary checkboxes checked, for either all flight numbers, return flight numbers, airport pair, or return airport pair?

No, I don't, but the problem is not that (I have always played like that)

The problem is that I change the price under "all flight numbers" tab, press "apply prices", the system says settings were updated, but they actually were not

For example, let's say cargo price is 100. I select 80, press apply prices only, get the settings updated message, but in the same page I can see the price is still at 100 (not 80)....

Ohh... nevermind, I have spotted the problem.

Yeah, the checked boxes....

I don't know why they have been changed. Don't remember changing them.

Please feel free to delete this topic...