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Toulouse, 11 June 2015

Airbus has officially delivered the first A350-900 XWB to launch customer Rajawali Qatar, a subsidiary of Rajawali Nusantara Airlines. The aircraft, MSN006 currently bearing Qatari registration A7-AIW, is scheduled for delivery flight on June 12, 2015 to Doha. First commercial flight is set three days later, serving Doha - London.

"Being a proud launch customer, we have been waiting quite a while for this aircraft. And now that it is available, we are exciting to fly our customers with the latest generation widebody aircraft equipped with state of the art comfort and services," said Revan Amadeus, Group CEO of Rajawali Inc.

Fabrice Brégier, Airbus President and CEO said: “Handing over the first A350 XWB represents a significant step in Airbus and aviation history. The A350 XWB becomes the most modern aircraft in service, developed with our excellence established over 45 years in meeting our customers’ needs. The A350 XWB is the latest Airbus aircraft to join the skies, revolutionising our industry and redefining the way people fly.” He adds: “It is with tremendous pride that we are delivering our first A350 XWB today to our launch customer, Rajawali Qatar. It’s a perfect match, to be handing over the first of an all-new, world class aircraft to a leading, world class airline.”

"We have run our number using initial test flight data, and we expect to see at least 10% lower trip cost per seat in A350 compared to our current B787, while offering more comfort and superior services to our customers. Our plan with this aircraft is to serve all major European destination, from our global hub in Doha," added Al Baker, CEO of Rajawali Qatar.

Rajawali Qatar is expected to receive up to 10 Airbus A350-900 XWB. The airline configure the aircraft in 3-class layout, 4F/35C/207Y. Overall, Airbus has win more than 1,000 order for A350-900XWB.

Jakarta, 30 June 2015

Rajawali Group announce its departure from World Pacific Alliance effective immediately. Rajawali Nusantara, Rajawali Express and Rajawali Qatar are no longer members of World Pacific Alliance. We thank you World Pacific Alliance management and team member for the co-operation and good environment that they afforded to three airlines in our group during membership time. Also we would like to apologize for any misconduct that happen during those time. 

"World Pacific Alliance is really a nice alliance, a very positive environment to grow for their members. We start to miss them already, but we wanted to start what we always curious to try. I will tell you the detail later," said Revan Amadeus, Group CEO, Rajawali Inc.

Rajawali Group is rumoured to start their own alliance, reviving an old alliance brand from another dimension. At this time, no official announcement has been made. Group official decline to comment on the matters, stating that there are no such information available now. However some avgeek has already spotted one of their aircraft with some kind of unusual livery, although no clear picture has been captured yet.

Bandung, 13 July 2015

Rajawali Express and Citra Maharlika Nusantara Corp  (CPGT.JK) proudly announce the launch of Maharlika Air Services, a joint venture between the two transportation companies to provide air shuttle service between Jakarta and Bandung. Initially Maharlika Air Services will serve 25x daily CGK-BDO with 5 LET 410UVP configured in two-class layout seating 15 pax in Economy and 3 pax in Business. The flight will take approximately 45 minutes of air time and it costs AS$85 to seat in Y and AS$145 to seat in C, with special price for KTP/KITAS holder which reduce the price to IDR 800,000 in Y and IDR 1,400,000 in C. The price also include ground transportation within 20KM of Husein Sastranegara Int'l Airport and 50% discount on Citra Maharlika ground network. 

"I thank our partner Rajawali Express to make this happen. Bandung is an emerging industrial city and we are delighted to offer our affluent customers this air shuttle service. This is no doubt will be very popular among Bandung expats, lots of Japanese, Korean as well as Westerner working here. Normally they need to alter different mode of transportation in Jakarta before or after their overseas journey, adding at least 3 hours of extra travelling time. With Maharlika Air Services, we provide them with door-to-door seamless transportation solution. We will look forward to increase frequency or even larger aircraft should the market demand so," explained Jose Melford Fuentes, CEO of Citra Maharlika Nusantara.

"We are excited when we are approached by our partner Citra Maharlika Nusantara, initially they said they need to wet-leased one of our aircraft. We ended up dedicating 5 and possible some more should they demand so. Under this joint venture, Citra Maharlika Nusantara will be responsible for sales and marketing of the seat while Rajawali Express will take care the operational side of the business. We plan to replicate this business model to other cities in Indonesia, as we believe this is a good model to meet the transportation demand," said Asep Eka Nugraha, CEO of Rajawali Express.

"Operating propellers out of the congested Soekarno-Hatta International Airport has been a challenge for us. The government initially refuse to allow any small propeller on scheduled services in and out Jakarta. It takes a lot of hard work convincing the official that these small props will seamlessly fit whatever slots left by mainline carrier. Guys in Indonesian Slot Coordinator have been very helpful creating special slots for small props. We also work with people in AirNav to create special departure and arrival procedure as well as special airway for this route. The flights will only take off and landing from runway 07R/25L in CGK, then airborne follow SID PW1X/PW1N, basicly expediting right/left turn to track PW NDB, maintaining FL190 enroute to BDO and FL180 to CGK using airway W17L," explained Capt Sardjono Jhony, DFO of Rajawali Express.

A number of VVIP are attending the launching ceremony at Bandung Husein Sastranegara Airport, among them are Deputy Minister of Transportation, Commander of Husein AFB, Officials from IDSC, AirNav, and airport authority. The five LETs also making a low pass formation above the airport. Photographed here are 4 of the 5 LET.


Kunovice, 16 July 2015


Aircraft Industries a.s., operating as Let Kunovice, officially launched LET L410-NG, updating the 40-years legendary, sensational and controversial flagship LET aircraft. The aircraft is launched with 100 firm order from Rajawali Group, an airline holding company based in Indonesia. The next generation LET feature more powerful engine, higher cargo capacity, longer range capability and awesome glass-cockpit.   

"We are thrilled to present you with our Next Generation LET, L410-NG and announce our prime customer Rajawali Group as the launch customer with 100 firm order of the model. We expect to start deliver them in 2017, meanwhile we still selling our legendary, sensational and controversial LET L410UVP like hot cakes, much to the displeasure of our haters," laughed Ilona Plšková, General Director, LET Kunovice.

"We are proud to be launch customer of the next generation of the legendary, sensational and controversional LET L410. We are operating 34 aircrafts at the moment, and today we are taking another 10 aircraft  as we are signing order for 100 LET 410-NG. We plan to operate 50 of the current model while we wait for the next generation in 2017. This upgrade will certainly take the legend into elevated level of sensation and controversy, much to the pleasure of its lovers" said Asep Eka Nugraha, CEO of Rajawali Express, representing Rajawali Group.


Jakarta, 17 July 2015

Rajawali Group would like to wish Eid Mubarak for Moslem all over the world. 


To our passengers, we wish you safe and pleasant flights during this peak festive season. Please come to airport early, have all your document ready and do your your check in online to ensure smooth journey and thank you for flying with us. To bring celebration feeling on-board we have prepared special festive meals for you, do take note on your cholesterol level before enjoying them.

To our operating crews and staffs thank you for your dedication and commitment to our passengers. In addition to your THR, your hourly rate will be doubled during these two festive days. For those of you celebrating Eid and unable to make it with your family, we apologize and hopefully you can have your turn next year.

Have a safe and pleasant flight and thank you for flying with us!


Rajawali Nusantara proudly announce our two new international long haul flagship routes from Jakarta, 3x weekly CGK-LHR and 3x weekly CGK-FRA, on-board our new Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental.

RI 1  CGK 0915  -  1510LHR  748  246

RI 2  LHR 2100  -  1655 CGK  748  246

RI 3  CGK 0915  -  1555 FRA  748  135

RI 4  FRA 2320  -  1755 CGK  748  135

The fleet of Boeing 747-8i will feature our brand new international long haul first class "Pendopo Suite" along with our upgraded business class and smart travel class, which exclusively available only in our Boeing 747-8i fleet.


Our Pendopo Suite occupied the most prestigious space located on forward main deck of the aircraft and consists of a king-size bed, a private bathroom and a living room designed for up to four guests travelling together. They will enjoy Rajawali VIP Experience from the moment they thinking of book the Pendopo Suite, with special dedicated guest service line, VIP concierge service, luxury chauffeur airport transfer, private check-in and boarding lounge, expedited immigration services, on-board personal butler, in-flight executive chef, luxury cabin amenities, as well as our Rajawali VIP Signature services. 


Our upgraded Business Class is not business as usual, the luxury, comfort and services we offer in this class is comparable with other airline first class. The Business Class exclusively located on the upper deck of the aircraft with total seating capacity of 24 seats, and with a nice self-service lounge welcoming you as you climb up the stairs.


Our Smart Travel Class is definitely not a cattle class of other airlines. While others squeeze you in 10 abreast in much smaller tube, our spacious 8 abreast on such jumbo Boeing 747-8i guarantee you a comfortable and enjoyable journey with all the special touches that make all the differences. 

We look forward to welcome you on-board our magnificent luxurious jumbo, and thank you for flying with Rajawali Nusantara, the airline of Indonesia and a proud member of Globe Alliance.

Jakarta, 1 August 2015

Today, Rajawali Nusantara proudly flown its 5,000,000th passenger, Mr. Aditya Yudhistira on board RI 113 in service to Doha. Revan Amadeus, Group CEO of Rajawali and a number of Rajawali executives and guests welcome Mr. Aditya upon his arrival in Doha International Airport.

"I'm thrilled, we just started almost 5 months ago and now we already flown our 5,000,000th passenger. We will continue to grow our network, domestically and internationally. In domestic market, we are lining up feeder and pioneer air services, while in international market we are strengthening our alliance collaboration. Things are just getting awesome at Rajawali Group, can't wait to fly our 10,000,000th passenger hopefully before the end of 2015," said Revan Amadeus, Group CEO of Rajawali.

To mark the occasion, Rajawali Nusantara introduce special blue livery with revised font on the airline logo. For being 5,000,000th passenger, Mr. Aditya was awarded two return tickets to destination of his choice.


Jakarta, 17 August 2015


From the Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, Rajawali Nusantara and the nation celebrate 70th anniversary of Indonesian Independence (1945 - 2015). The ceremonial event take place in the Independence Palace, also featuring a fly pass by national airforce and a Rajawali Nusantara Boeing 747-8i in special livery bearing the official commemoration logo.





To celebrate the occasion, for 70 days starting today Rajawali Nusantara offers special 70% off for descendant of Indonesian national heroes, members of the armed forces, and elderly people (aged 70+) on all Indonesian domestic routes. Please use promotional code ID70 for booking, and all booking under this code entitle for complimentary Globe Priority Pass and 7x miles rewards. And for everyone else, we have 17% off on all inbound flight to Jakarta and 7% off on all our routes for 7 weeks starting today, please use ID17 and ID07 for booking. 

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia, Merdeka! Ayo Kerja! 

Happy Independence day!!!

Also I think it is sad that you are not dutch anymore as then I could fly to Bali whit out going through immigration and passport check as then Indonesia would be a member of Schengen. Well everything has good sides and bad sides I guess :(.

Thank you CBE!

I think it's better this way, if we're still a dutch colony, you can visit Bali without immigration hassle but then we will welcome you with 'sharp bamboo', lol. Now we welcome you with smile.  ^_^

If only the Dutch develop the colony like the British..  ;)

Nairobi, 2 September 2015



"Tsamina mina, eh eh Waka waka, eh eh Tsamina mina zangalewa This time for Africa"

Shakira once again rock Africa on Launching Ceremony of Rajawali Africa and Rajawali Africa Express in Nairobi, Kenya. Not one but two new subsidiaries of Rajawali Group that will serve the wonderful market of Africa. 


"We are delighted to welcome Rajawali Group in Kenya's open market and wish best of luck for Rajawali Africa and Rajawali Africa Express. Kenya is the biggest and most advanced economy in East and Central Africa. 61% of our GDP is contributed by services sector which dominated by travel and tourism. With this two airlines, and our several initiatives, we hope we can boost our economy even further. I would like to see more remote and small cities connected by air travel," said Mr. William Ruto, Deputy President of Kenya. 

"We are ecstatically excited to announce Rajawali Africa and Rajawali Africa Express as our new venture in Africa the Craddle of Man. This is all where we all begin and this is the place that all of us will call home. We are rallying up interlines from every corner of the world to bring mankind to this magnificent place. This is by far the largest investment we have ever commit and we think it will payback in no time. We are forever in debt with Kenyan people who welcome us in their beautiful land and we certainly will boost their economy by providing more and better air travel services," said Revan Amadeus, Group CEO of Rajawali.


I am following your alliance posts for sometime now, I find them very interesting. Quite a lot of hard work you have put into your alliance and then you nicely present it here in the forum. Good luck with Kenya btw :)

Jakarta, 19 September 2015

Just one and a half month after carrying its 5th million passenger, Rajawali Nusantara today proudly flown its 10,000,000th passenger. Ms. Imelda Mustika, initially booked Y class on RI 5 flying from CGK to AMS, was surprised to see a Maybach pick her up for her flight. She couldn't believe her eyes when upon arrival at Rajawali Lounge,  Mr. Revan Amadeus, personally handed the upgraded Rajawali Signature F-Class, Pendopo Suite, boarding pass and escorted Ms. Imelda to board the aircraft, a Boeing 747-8i, sporting a special Rajawali Nusantara retro livery. 


"Ms. Imelda is one of our platinum frequent flyer, and today we are just proud to welcome her as our 10,000,000th passenger and bestowed her our signature luxury VIP experience. For our loyal passengers, thank you for flying Rajawali Nusantara. We promise to keep our passengers at the center of all our continuous improvement and service excellence," said Revan Amadeus, Group CEO of Rajawali.

Ms. Imelda, Rajawali Nusantara 10,000,000th passenger, also receive complimentary Pendopo Suite upgrade for her AMS-CGK return flight, along with all the exclusive perk of Pendopo Suite. Celebrating the occasion, Pendopo Suite First Class now also bookable using miles for all tier of Rajawali FFP and 10% discount on First Class and Business Class fares until October 2015. Rajawali Nusantara retro livery also sported on Boeing 787-9. 



I do not remember that you have had this livery ever but I like it.

P.S Where do you get your templates for liveries?

Well, Rajawali surely doesn't have retro livery, but the airline I try to resemble does, so here's the original one. Not meant to be an exact copy so I change the bird logo. I think it just look-a-like lol..


my resources for template is www.google.com, a lot of livery designers are generous enough to share their template, I just use them.

try this keyword: 'airline livery template' or add specific aircraft type.

Doha, 22th September 2015

Rajawali Qatar is celebrating 1,000,000 passengers flown! Mr. Al Baker personally welcome Mr. Mohammed Al Khater and his family, boarding Rajawali Qatar Boeing 737-900ER flight number RQ 121 destination to Zurich. Mr Al Khater was awarded three return first class tickets from Doha to London.


"We are a small player in Qatar market with only 5% market share. But we proud to offer premium product to Qatari higher market segment. We thank our passenger who have made this possible and we also thank Qatar Airlines International for being such awesome partner," said Mr. Al Baker.

On the celebration, Rajawali Qatar also unveil its new livery, sported on its latest Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


Jakarta, 2 October 2015

Rajawali Group is closing Q3 with somehow mixed results. At the Quarterly Shareholder Meeting in Jakarta, Revan Amadeus, Group CEO of Rajawali share some highlights of the group operations.


Rajawali Nusantara has been the mainline operation, operating profitably since the second week of its operation and now has a fleet of 280 aircrafts. Although the airline has maintain the profit in green, continuous low agex has eating up its margin and limit the airline expansion plan. To resolve this issue, Rajawali Nusantara will focus to increase revenue by optimizing aircraft utilization, and reducing cost by returning under utilized aircrafts, closing unprofitable routes, reducing excess capacity, which hopefully will result in increase margin. Under this initiatives, we are sadly phasing out our 5 Boeing 747-8i, with last scheduled flight will be on 4th October 2015, RI 666 JED-CGK. In return we will order 6 Boeing 787-8 and 16 Boeing 737-900ER.

Rajawali Cargo, a cargo subsidiary of the group also operating profitably and we continuously expand our cargo operation around the globe, working together with our partners. We look to phase out the Tupolev freighter, in favor for more Boeing 737 and ATR 72 freighter. To support this re-fleeting, we look to order 10 Boeing 737-700C and 20 ATR 72-500F. Our 777 freighters will continue to be in limited number as we can only deploy the aircraft in some select routes due to interline restriction with our partners.

Rajawali Nusantara Express, a regional subsidiary of the group, recently turn into red profit. We look forward to turnaround the airline and implement new business model as we transferred some CGK-based flight into mainline operations. Also we plan to phase out our LET aircraft and subsequently cancel all our LET orders, as we  are changing our business model.


Rajawali Qatar, a Qatari subsidiary of the group, remain niche player in gulf market, along with its strategic alliance partner, Qatar Airlines International. The airline is operating profitably but due to congestion in Doha International Airport, further expansion is very limited.


Rajawali PNG, Rajawali Africa, Rajawali Pakistan are currently operating in red and in close monitoring of Group CEO. We continue to be optimistic on market potential of these airlines and expect to see them turn into profit by the end of the year. Meanwhile the mainline will continue to bail out these airlines during this low agex period. Once we turn these airlines into profit, we expect to offer them in the stock market to further expand these airlines.


Thank you for our investors, media partners, interline/alliance partners, and especially our customers for their continued trust and business to Rajawali Group. 

Revan Amadeus,

Group CEO, Rajawali

December, 2015

The force awakens! This holiday season, Rajawali Nusantara brings two special aircraft liveries to the sky. Under licensed from Disney who currently own the franchise, Rajawali Nusantara prove that the astromech droid does indeed has the ability to take flight, by unveiling its latest Boeing 787-8 dreamliner featuring an R2-D2 livery. 


And not only the external, the airline also design the whole aircraft interior in the Star Wars theme, with the cockpit and cabin crew each has their own light saber. The seat as well as amenity also feature the theme, which definitely attract Star Wars fans and even general public to book a flight with the airline for simply experience the Star Wars hype. 




The first flight on 18th December 2015 was a hits, with special license to premiere the box office movie on-board, in flight enroute to Tokyo Haneda. Boarding the aircraft, the VIP guest and Star Wars fans, dressed in their character costumes. 




"We can't say how thrilled we are with this whole Star Wars project, may the force be with you this holiday season," said Revan Amadeus, CEO Rajawali Group, dressed the Darth Vader costume.

In addition to Star Wars livery, Rajawali Nusantara also apply holiday decals to some of its aircraft fleet, celebrating the joy of the season. The decal consist of the season greetings and Santa's sleigh complete with its raindeer.


This has been a great year for all of us, please enjoy the holiday season. Warm season greeting from all of us in Rajawali Group, to all of you and your family. God bless us all! 



Malaysian also has a large Star Wars campaign with 2 special liveries, 1 after BB-8 and one after the Coruscant landscape. During the world released on the 16th all Malaysian flights showed the world premier. During this even the CEO was nowhere to be seen as he was in the 3D cinema watching the world premier with friends from the Star Wars fan club which he is a member of.

Have you seen it yet? Did you like it?

Malaysian also has a large Star Wars campaign with 2 special liveries, 1 after BB-8 and one after the Coruscant landscape. During the world released on the 16th all Malaysian flights showed the world premier. During this even the CEO was nowhere to be seen as he was in the 3D cinema watching the world premier with friends from the Star Wars fan club which he is a member of.

Have you seen it yet? Did you like it?

I just read this sorry, yes I have seen it, not super awesome but I quite like it, haha..