"Realism" - A Game World Close to Reality

May 18: We have 6 applications already! Minimum of 4 to go before we order the server.

Hi everyone! Let’s try and make the world a little bit smaller during our shelter-in-place!

Many of us have been dreaming about a game world that is more comparable to the real one. With AS’s recent updates (better turnarounds, demand calculation, used markets, and exclusive servers) we now have a way to do it.

To apply, fill out the form here

Server Cost

  • 15 EUR per month (only 1st month due when joining)
    • Payment via Paypal
    • Payment must be received by the 1st of each month
    • If payment is not received, your account can be removed within 7 days and without notice
  • 10 Player minimum (when the server is ordered)
  • 25-30 Player maximum (depending on AS limit)

Server Settings

  • 90 million AS$ per holding at the start
  • Demand at 25%
    • We might increase it at a later time
  • 2 Holdings per player
    • Potentially more in the future
  • Nighttime bans ON
  • IPOs ON
  • Single Slots
  • Dynamic turnaround times ON
  • Ground networks ON
  • Used Aircraft ON
    • We will support older aircraft types, but only the ones you’ll still find in the skies today
    • We will load used aircraft based on real-world “Active” and “Stored” numbers (based on Planespotters.net data)
    • Please see the ‘pricing rule’ related to older aircraft (below)
  • List C for Foreign Investments (see https://bit.ly/2yexypm)
  • New ORS (of course!)

Player Rules

  • Holdings cannot operate flights, only subsidiaries can
    • This is to support effective IPOs later on
  • Anyone can fly anywhere (presuming you have traffic rights, of course)
  • Airports that are not in Europe or the USA below size 9 (8 or smaller) can only have 1 Holding
    • Other airlines can still fly to and from such airports if their traffic rights allow
    • This rule will protect smaller airlines’ ability to get high-margin long-distance revenue
  • Real airline names are allowed and disrespectful names are prohibited

Scheduling Rules

  • You cannot operate wide-body aircraft on routes under 3000km unless you are making an intermediate stop
    • Not allowed: ORD->DFW or ORD->JFK
    • Allowed: ORD->DFW>GRU or ORD->JFK->LHR
  • Flights on the same route must be at least 30 minutes apart
    • No more than 15 flights/day on a domestic route (same country or within Europe)
    • No more than 5 flights/day on an international route (different countries)
  • Flights on aircraft >10yrs of age must be priced at 80% of the default price (or less)
    • This is to prevent excessive cash collecting early on in the game in markets without competition and reflect more of the real world (this is not an issue in dense AS worlds as there is plenty of competition)
  • You must maintain a maximum ratio between you cabins of F1:C8 and C1:Y8, meaning
    • You have no more than 8 business-class seats for every first-class seat
    • You have no more than 8 economy-class seats for every business-class seat

Group Communicating is encouraged via Discord to protect people’s privacy (you will be invited automatically once the server goes live by providing your username in the signup form)

So 4 C class seats on 200 slimline seats A321
Nah, no, thank you, I’ll pass…

Good catch. Updated.
1:8:8 (similar ratios to United Airlines’ Fleet))

Are these rules really that realistic? I can show you some examples of real world airlines that would violate your rules.

Wide-body aircraft on domestic routes. The Boeing 767 is a wide body, but it is used on several short-haul routes. And what to think of the 747 domestic that has been used in Japan.

As for the spacing of flight, at least 30 minutes apart. There are several routes in the world that are much busier than what you can create with that rule. Take Seoul-Jeju for example. It’s a domestic route, so it needs to be narrow-body aircraft. So, let’s take the A321LR with 220 seats. Per year about 10 million people fly this route, so that means over 27.000 people per day, or 124 fully filled A321’s per day. That’s 5 flight per hour. And if you work with the nighttime ban at Seoul Gimpo it’s 7 flights per hour.

And as for your idea of cabin configurations. It doesn’t allow for either LCCs that have only economy class seating, nor does it allow for airline like LeCompagnie that offer only business class seats. And that doesn’t even include all the airlines that don’t offer first class seats. And do cabin configuration on short-haul routes need to be similar to configurations on long-haul routes. Most airlines that do offer first class only do so on long-haul routes. And some airlines have business class (with maybe premium economy) only flights on their ultra-longhaul flights.

I do like realism, but this doesn’t seem all that realistic to me.

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Is the limit of players new? We have a maximum of 25 players.
I do not understand why you want to limit daily rotation on particular routes on a private server. Even with 30 players you will have 60 holdings which will be distributed around the world. So South Korea or Brasil will be only one company I guess. Why should those not schedule as many flights as possible…

Yes, your setup seems to be not realistic enough to name it Realism.

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Just take a look at e.g. SIN. There are only INT flights, so you are not allowed to fly more then 5 times to an destination? The route SIN-KUL has more then 4 Million PAX/Year.

Or JFK-LHR. It serves more then 3 Million PAX a year.

That’s pretty low. I don`t know much about private gameworlds but I can fly in „normal“ worlds with the new ORS with SlimHD configurations and 120% pricing. There is no way to fly old planes with profit then…

Maybe you have to think about your rules again and change some… Else it is not realistic, it will be communistic. There should be rules but there should also be an competition (if you want it realistic).

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I agree that there are exceptions. We should accept them if the real world proves that the rule greatly differs from reality, which includes:


Agreed. Let’s use the same logic here as well. As long as it occurs in the real world, it’s fine.

The ratio between classes only defines the maximum, not the minimum. I will clarify this. As for La Compagnie, that is indeed a rare exception. That said, this rule will still be needed to prevent people from unrealistic money collecting before switching out their cabin config a few weeks later.

80% pricing will still get you 35-45% profits on standard seat config (737s or A320s). I’ve tested this in a game world with the new ORS. Old planes cost a fraction of new plane leases (25-50% for anything over 10 years old).

If it happens in the real world (frequently, not exceptions), we can update the rules to reflect it. Happy to make changes where logical.

May 18 Update on signups:
We have 6 applications already! Minimum of 4 to go before we order the server.

This has been explained and you’ll find the same requirements on other private servers for similar reasons. It does not sound like this is a server for you, but I’m sure there’s one out there that better fits your needs :+1:

I am playing and managing one, thank you. Not interested to join another server.

May 19 Update on signups:
We have 8 applications already! 2 to go before we order the server.

One question I have: you wrote that the server would cost 15 Euros per player and month. Now, if you start with 10 players, is it still 15 Euros for 10 players? Who will pay the remaining costs then? Server costs 360 Euros per month.

Yes, we’ll get to 25 by month 2, so there is not much I have to ‘subsidize’ myself by that time.
You do have a lot of interest for someone who is “Not interested to join another server”.

What’s the point of you asking all these questions?

You’re not interested in this server. You don’t like the setup. Fine. But let them do their thing and the question who pays for the server is of no relevance for you, me and any other person in this public forum.

Did I ask you? Can’t remember that I did…

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Keep it together and let’s use this thread for those actually interested in joining. Thanks :pray:

Quick question, the 15 euro monthly to join is in top of what we pay for AirlineSim like the credits??

In private game worlds you don not need to pay credits. You pay XX€ to the owner and he give you access to the server.

Ah thats great, thank you. I’m still quite new to all this.

Also this is a really exciting game word, love the 90mil start.

You will need 1 credit - that’s what I heard from another player. So you should save 1. :slight_smile: