Red calendar symbol in fleet management - no clue why

Hi guys,
I already searched for it in the forum, but still wasn’t able to fix it.
The flight plan on the concerning aircraft looks like this:

No flight is red, no overlapping anywhere, maintenance ratio > 100, but still:

At first I thought the aircraft was missing crew, and indeed in crew management, I was missing 7 crew for the type. However, still red after training the missing crew.
Maybe one of you has a hint or sees something in the plan I don’t.
I’m going to watch if the flights are booked, but even if they are, it still seems strange.

Thanks in advance!

You have to apply pilots to that plane.

Hi, thanks for your answer. I only see the red “Withdraw pilots” button at the top. After pressing it twice (withdraw, then assign again), still no change.
The aircraft is still on the transfer flight from production. I will see if anything changes when it has landed.

Usually, for me the following works: click the edit button for a flight and then accept the changes, even though you haven’t changed anything. Sometimes I find that it doesn’t “update” correctly if I’ve changed something, like editing an invalid flight.

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Thanks for your help - after the transfer flight landed, nothing changed - I tried JelleJTs suggestion, but that didn’t work for me either.
After that I tried hiding every flight by deselecting it in the schedule. Turns out one single flight was seemingly input twice, so the green flight completely covered the red one.

Ah, happy to hear you’ve already solved it :slight_smile:
There’s always some reason related to the flight plan itself when the icon is red, but a flight hidden like that is difficult to find.

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That’s usually the case, of overlapping flight not seen by naked eye.