Red icon in Flight Planning

Can some explain to me why a have the icon red for the red flight planning even if all the the flights are marked correct and validated green into the scheduler?image


Thank you

You have no flights buried somewhere behind the schedule? Usually that’s the main issue…

Also, this is not a bug or a matter for server status…


It’s a new plane with a new flight plan so it’s a different route cause here.
Thank you

Out of thousands of planes I also have a couple red ones. I never get any cancelations, delays or transfers so I honestly dont know why they are red. It has to be a bug?

Interesting :smiley:

I mean, @jetcruise0707’s explanation is the best one, imo: Some flights are covered (visually) by others. As long as they aren’t activated, they might cause a red icon but never cause any cancellations. Sounds fishy, though.

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You are right. Went in and checked and non activated flights were hidden. Weird though that a 3 hour “hidden” flight was not visible behind a 1 hour active flight.

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Checked and correct !
Thank you
Case closed