rescue loans - can they be misused?

I just got a rescue loan by accident - I miscalculated and did not quite enough money to pay the week ending. So I now have a loan of 126,00AS$ at 9.1%, which is interesting, because I don’t qualify for a loan at all.

I also got the mail message-

IMPORTANT: Every enterprise may receive at most two rescue loans in a row! If an additional loan is required after two loans have been granted before, the enterprise will be liquidated!

Whatever, this set my mischievious little brain working - if I’m reading this message correctly, then if I let the week ending payment go bust every second week in a row and pay the WE every other week, does that mean I can force AS to give me a loan every two weeks? Sure, the interest rate is high, but a loan is a loan.:lol:

Nope, the rescue loan is for companies that miscalculated accidently, just as you did. You have no guarantee to get one, so if your company isn’t well financed, you just go bancrupt.

how does it get calculated whether the loan is granted?

I think I read somewhere AS doesn’t want to let us know the exact mechanics. ;)

So turn off your “mischievious little brain”. :D


good to see that you’re alive and kicking on Meigs ;)

Even if AS is willing to give you a loan every other week…

  1. unless I am wrong, the loan will only cover the shortage to pay the salaries. In other words, your bank account will still be empty after the salaries are paid.

  2. if any leases have to be paid shortly after the salaries, the plane(s) will be returned to AS if by then there isn’t enough cash to pay the lease.

So it is a risky business. Plus, as you said, the interest rate is quite high.