Restructuring (Holding/Enterprise Question)

Hello All,
I created an Enterprise in Otto with HQ in Panama, and now I wanted to create a holding company for that. Is there any way a company can be restructured in that sense so a new Holding company can still operate my current planes and schedule from My enterprise, or do I have to delete everything?
I also realized in my game world Panama is open to foreign investment whereas I wanted to create a holding company in US so I can have those traffic rights.


The holding is the mother of them.all, so whatever company you found first determines everything. It is not possible to create a new mother company (would that be a grandmother?) after you have started the game already.
And no, trafdic rights can not be changed.
You will have to restart, if you want US traffic rights

Ok. Thanks. Guess I’ll restart. A new domestic competitor popped up anyway (I thought I was alone)