Route Cargo Booking Issue


Hello Forum!

I am trying to figure out a small issue I am having in the game.

I have a route set up from MIA to CDG with equipment B76W (767-300ER Winglets).

The aircraft is capable of flying the route with 100% of maximum payload:

The plane should be able to carry 110 units of cargo on the route according to the route details below:

So far so good…

But when I go to the in-game online reservation system, my flight is not listed for cargo bookings:

I have spent hours trying to figure out why the flight is not getting listed for cargo bookings - And still haven’t figured it out.

Does anyone here have any ideas of or suggestions to why my flight is not getting listed in the reservation system for cargo? It is 100% capable of carrying the cargo on the route and is listed in the system for passengers.

All help is much appreciated - Thank you !



No idea at all.

But Server and name of your airline would be very helpful for some help.


Server is: Fornebu
Airline name: Primera Air

Thank you !


You receive bookings so it must be in the ORS.

There are more than 200.000 connections for that route. You sure, you have chrcked every single one for your connections? It will be in there somewhere…



Thanks for the reply.

I didn’t check all booking system result pages for my flight.

My flight is a direct flight MIA-CDG and other airlines doing the same direct route are listed on the 1st page of the booking system results. From the 2nd page and onwards I only see results with a stopover (non-direct flights).

I assume direct flights rank better than non-direct flights?

In the game I have never seen a direct flight rank worse than a connection flight - this is why I started this thread, I have no idea of why my route is not getting any cargo but assume it is because it is not listed under the booking page for some reason.

I’ll try to lower the price for my cargo and see what happens. :slight_smile:



there are more than 370.000 connections. the screenshots you provided clearly show, that all of those the screenshots show, the rating is very good. that might be to numerous reasons, e.g. cargo terminal, cargo aircraft, … . even, if you “only” have four bars (with means anything between 60 and 80 ORS rating), you could easily be on page 125.

also, it is not correct that you do not receive cargo. you just don’t receive that many. your second screenshot clearly shows bookings for cargo.


OK - thank you so much for your input. I will try to improve rating by tweaking the route a bit.

Thanks !

Martin B.