Seat rating and distance



I just wanted to ask if seat rating are calculated progressively or just by exact distances. I mean, if a seat has a three bar rating for flights up to 1500km and a two bar rating up to 2500 km, if I operate a route of 1501km, the rating will be fully cut down to two bars (e.g. from 60 to 40) or the decrease is proportional with the distance? (gradually decreasing from 60 to 40 as the distance increases between 1500-2500 km)



Sorry if this has been already answered, I made a quick search and found no definite answer.


Thank you in advance

you can assume a continous function there

Actually the final rating doesn't change much as your distance grows if you use same seats. That is because you generally get a higher ORS rating for longer flights - while your actual seat rating might go down you'll still get similar ORS score.

Note that there is no maximum seat rating. There can be only be 5 bars displayed but you can go much beyond that. For example, if you put lie-flat 140 into your economy class you will achive maximum ORS rating even with maximum economy price and probably no onboard-service at all. But because you can't put many economy-seats into your airplane then your profit will still be very low. You should try to find the best balance for yourself. If you can't fill an airplane but you still wanna fly the route you might as well increase seat quality for that route and price and, in the end, be able to fill your airplane (if the huge effort of having same aircraft-types with different seat configurations seems worth to you).