Sell Aircraft on the Market

Hello mates.

I am aware that, before the new aircraft market, if you put a plane on sale, after 2 weeks the Aircraft Trade and Leasing Organization would buy it.

The question is, with the new market, the ATLO will still buy it after 2 weeks?

I bought 2 MD-83 and these bastards are killing me, since i am having to pay 500.000 week / aircraft!! Damn it.

I think you have to offer them for 10%, then ATLO will buy them after two weeks. not sure thou, haven’t tried.

That’s right. (I have tried ;))

For 10% of the original price??? WTH!!

But i don’t have this option… Only the “100%” is available :(

What can i do to get rid of those bastards?

Well, obviously you bought them on credit - you have to pay back the credit first.

(This has been discussed several (!) times and you should have been able to find this in the wiki…)

I didn’t find it in the wiki.

A friend told me that if you put it back on the market, the aircraft would be bought but i would receive only what i already paid;

This is insane. I pay 500 000 per week per aircraft, and an aircraft would never make 500k a week!

I had a similar problem, but was lucky enough I had someone buy the a/c off me. But what I would like to know is this - I bought an aircraft with cash at a discounted price and then when I went to sell it I couldn’t sell it higher than for what I bought it for. Why couldn’t I increase the amount? Are there now rules in place stopping this because of what has been happening with the market or is it something else? Just curious (and hope I am not missing something totally obvious :blush: ). Thanks in advance.

You couldn’t because this would be an invitation for cheaters. (See several threads on this topic)