Selling aircraft


I am converting all my 777 aircraft to 787, however I forgot I also purchased one of the 777's.  I have a 90% loan on this aircraft, and nobody is buying it.  Is there any way I can get rid of it, or am I completely screwed?  My understanding is AS will only buy the aircraft if it is up for 10% of the value, which I am now allowed to do due to the loan....

I also cannot transfer to a sub due to the loan.  This is costing me a lot of $ as it is putting up my number of type ratings, even though I do not use the aircraft! :(

Airline is Link Airways on Nicosia

Any advice is appreciated


Is there any way I can get rid of it...

One possibility is to find a friendly player who is willing to purchase your aircraft for more than the 10% of the value. I´ve done this several times to assist players and/or to thank players for their help/loyalty. In those cases I purchased an aircraft for much more money than 10% of the remaining value. Ask players if they can assist you. Good luck!

Thanks, although not sure if I have any close enough players on here to do that :|  If I lease it to another airline I assume it no longer applies as a maintenance cat for my airline?

Yes. Even as soon as you put it on the market for leasing, it doesn't count as a maintenance category for you any more.

Thats great! Thanks!