Small logo approval

How long does it take for small logo to get approved, its been about a week for mine on Limbatambo?

I’ve been waiting a fair while for a few. Think there’s probably a back log

Hey there.

There has been quite a backlog. Your small logo should be approved now :slight_smile:



Question: How many Admins does it take to approve a logo inside a week? Answer = 100: 1 to post that they’re busy and 99 to wait for the rest to do it.

Just kidding lol

Hey, sorry for the wait with the logo! I’m looking into it :+1:

Hey Triffid. While I understand it’s frustrating, remember that a part of the people who approve logos are volunteers. For me, I spent time doing it as the last thing of my 15 hour work day. Sometime I’m just too tired.

So bear with us :slight_smile:

No worries… as I said I was just kidding. It’s not frustrating at all, it’s just a made up logo for a made up airline in a game.

I volunteer too, in various places but if I don’t do what I volunteer for then the consequences could be more serious. I understand why you guys don’t put much of a priority into made up logos and I’m sure you will get around to it when you can.

Just a suggestion why don’t you just let a single Admin approve logos then there wouldn’t be the backlog you speak of. Don’t you trust each other to do that?

It’s sort of a historic thing, for two main reasons:

  1. Aesthetics: In its early years, with a much smaller community of much more “realism-conscious” players, we put a lot of emphasis on logos looking “nice” and realistic. Since this is a very subjective matter, we went with a voting system requiring at least two votes, three in case of a tie.
  2. Copyright: Similarly, we needed to catch logos that violated copyright rules, which often ended up being a judgement call as well…is something too close to the real thing or is it ok to use it?

Back in the day, we even checked company names before you could even start to play :smiley:

It’s quite likely that we will adjust this system eventually, requiring only a single check (if any) and just not showing logos to unauthenticated users (thereby circumventing the primary copyright risk, namely automated bots searching for potentially copyrighted material).

Thanks Martin… makes sense when you explain it that way… it’s just an outdated proceedure that nobody has ever bothered to update in other words. I get that. :slight_smile:

Wierd that despite three important people responding to my post here, which was only light hearted to be fair, my logo is still awaiting approval. Hey Ho

Which server, please? :sunglasses:

Riem… thxs but post must be at least 20 characters apparently so how is the weather where you are… here it is dull… oh 20 characters not 20 words… my bad :slight_smile:

Thankyou… sometimes just little things that seem unimportant can make a difference to the new user experience that established users don’t care about

Hi Moderaters, I understand there is a backlog for approving small logos, I was wondering if anything could be done to expedite my approval, Maghreb Airways on Meigs

best wishes