Small logo guidelines

What are the guidelines for the small logos besides

I just had one rejected, but there is no indication as to why. It uses the same design as my others, so it doesn’t contravene the rule above. Should I just resubmit?

makes no sense to send the same again

Might have been a mistake, in which case the admins would ask me to resubmit…

Post the logo here then we might be able to tell you why this logo has been rejected. It won’t be a mistake bacuse two admins have to approve it so the chances are not high.

Here it is:

Cool logo, love it! :) I think it was rejected because it’s written in Cyrillic.

Thanks ;)

Cyrillic? It’s all Latin letters: KIbPAH :)Seriously though, are non-Latin alphabets forbidden? I’ve seen several logos that use them… Is the difference that mine has only Cyrillic?

LOL, good one :lol: Well, I don’t see anything else wrong with it… ;)

only that you don’t know what it means

I do.

Awwww, poor little guy, he can’t read it so he thinks nobody else can… Well, let me help you with that, it says “KYRAN” in Latin font. And as for the meaning, who cares?! Lots of airlines IRL and in AS have names that are meaningless to most people.

Oh, now your ego is hurt? Go ahead and add that big red minus to my reputation, it will make you feel much better.

Yes, I had a bad day…

Actually I added one, now. No point in getting personal here.

It may very well have been rejected exactly because nobody of the team was able to figure out what exactly the logo says. Its a beauty, though.

In case the meaning was the issue for the admins, I can clear that up: қыран means ‘eagle’. The company’s name is Қазақ Қыраны = Kazak Eagle.

Since posting, I have seen other airplane logos that are entirely in non-Latin alphabets, so I don’t think this is why mine was rejected. I’m going to sumbit a question to help.