Some advice on my new airline

Hello, I would love some feedback and tips with my new airline

much appreciated :)

Gave a couple of tips on the other thread

Not to dissuade you, but several airlines in Bolivia on Idlewild came and went in the past couple of months. Unless you have strong knowledge of AS, this is uphill battle. i think you would do much better in IKA or AUH on Idlewidl than in Bolivia.

Bolivia has decent domestic demand between VVI, CBB, LPB, and a few other airports.  After that it becomes an uphill battle with all the unrestricted markets and airlines that control most of the markets around you.  Your most direct competitor will typically be operating out of Paraguay and have the interlining advantage over you.  Using a wave system and focusing on North/South, and East-West connections can net you a decent sized airline but it will be a fierce battle usually with someone that can afford to subsidize losses competing against you using their bigger airline usually in Brazil or elsewhere in SA.

Building waves and maximizing ORS connections is the ONLY way to grow in Bolivia because your domestic market just isn't big enough to require more than your starting funds. 

Bolivia is a very difficult market to play in. You usually don’t need to worry about internal competition but you need a large market coverage to be sucesfull. Although a strong Brazilian or Argentinean carrier can steal you passengers, Il with any strong airline in The region. The closest market to Bolivia I have played in is Paraguay which is certainly extremely difficult but covering all surrounding airports is the only way to kick of an airline. This means 1 bat airports that I personally exclude most times.