staff mood doesn't move up

Its quite frustrating, for many months in the past I underpaid the staff, with less than the average. but for more than 4 or 5 months I have been paying more than average and the staff mood doesn’t move from all the red bars. I don’t know what to do. is it a bug of mine (which I would have to contact the support email) or is it something else I must do other than pay my staff as if they were rocket scientists?

Hi Ricardo

This is something that is extremely annoying and there arent many solutions exept for reseting your enterprise

it does stink but maybe if you pay your staff around 115-120% of the average the mood should go up 1 bar a week

Good Luck


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pay a little bit more then average is not enough, you must pay about 20% above average , then the mood will slowly getting better

Alright, been paying my staff 115-120% now and NOTHING. Have been paying 105 or so for months and still nothing.

There must be something wrong, because the green bar has been pointing upwards for many months now and nothing changes. I can’t pay 150% to them is too much money so that I can try?

let me know what other options I have, because this is frustrating, my company reputation is very low.

I’m paying 120% over average for many month now and nothing is happening. It’s a myth it would get up with this percentage.

nope - my staff love it - and if they not die they live happily ever after

mine too, they are very happy with what I am paying them. I’ve tried it out on a subsidy, the mood improved every week after a raise.