Standard Seating + ORS + Bookings


I decided to try something different to how I normally play, I went for an approach of using one class of standard seating rather then a mix of Eco / Ecoplus / Business class. Obviously people don't like standard seats as much so I compensated for this by reducing the price.

My airline is based in Egypt, domestically things are going fine, good load factors on most flights however when it comes to international flights i'm getting hardly any bookings.

For example Cairo -> Dubai, my flight is top rated flight on the ORS so you would expect I would get a share of the direct passengers at least as well as some demand off my interlining partner at DXB. So far I have 3 people booked for the flight and 4 people booked for the return flights, both are due to fly out tomorrow so its had some time for bookings to come in.

So to summarise:

  • I'm using standard seats.
  • 4 bar online services.
  • lower prices to compensate for seats
  • Highest ranked ORS for route.
  • Very little bookings to DXB and FCO from CAI
  • Interlining partners at both destinations.

Am I missing something? I was under the impression that ORS rating was key to getting bookings, are there other factors that are taken into account that I don't know about?