Strange notification when trying to lease out airplane to sister cy


On Ellinikon I am running three companies.

North Sea Air = holding and operating flights

North Sea Finance = Daugheter and Financial cy keeping two airplanes in full ownership (no debts, no operating staff). One airplane has been leased out to the Holding cy success full.  

New start up North Sea Cargo with sufficient starting capital. 

I want to lease out another airplane (no debts, no operating staff, fully owned ) to the start up company. This seems not possible because I received the notice that company does not meet minimal requierements to lease out airplane.

What are the minimal requirements?

Finance cy gained a small loss last week closure (still rating A). Could that be the reason?

Who knows the answer?

Kind regards,


The enterprise leasing the aircraft out needs to have at least 20 million AS dollars in equity.

Thanks.... I need to araise the shareholders value to increaese the equity, though... will be challenging ;-) Thanks for advise. 

Buy an aircraft in your holding and move it (for free) to the new subsidiary. You can then sell it back to the mother/sister and you already have the required capital.