Strange ORS calculation

I notice strange way the ORS is calculating the score.
On Quimby I offer NGO to ANC, via a stop in CTS. Flight time is just over 8 hrs, 1 stop, at a total price of 491AS, (eq rating is 48/49) Total score 60.
The next best solution is NGO via SEA to ANC, and takes over 14hrs, costs 715AS, (eq rating 53/47), and the total score is only 59.

I am surprised that the difference in score, is only 1 point with such a big difference in price and connection time. Can anyone shed a light on why this score difference is so low? I thought on the new Quimby server price was a significant impact to the demand calculation.

Well, there are a couple of things you need to consider:

First you still get a better rating, but go get the same rating you can’t rise the price enough to compensate the lower capacity (assuming 100% load factor). As example a long haul flight: Aircraft A has 400 standard seats, a price of 500 and a rating of 50. Aircraft B has 250 Long haul seats. To get the same rating for aircraft B the price can be 750. With 100% load the revenue of Aircraft A would be 400500=200k, for Aircraft B 750 250 = 188k. Aircraft A with the standard seats therefore generates more revenue. I know this is just a fictional example, but this is what changed with the new ORS evaluation: You can’t raise the price that much that it compensates the loss of passengers. Therefore it still can be a big difference in price if the seats are much better, but at the end it’s not paying off (unless you have a bad load factor)

Second: Don’t forget about the other points that have an impact on the rating. What about your service profiles, aircraft age and staff mood? I can also see that your competitor has a terminal in Seattle, you don’t have a terminal in Sapporo.

Thanks for the feedback, My staff-mood is close to 5 bars, and seat lay-out indicates we use the same seats. But having your own terminal makes a difference yes, thanks for pointing that out.