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Good evenin’ all — I have just started a new airline based in Toronto, Canada. My headquarters is Toronto Pearson. I currently have flights that branch out of Toronto including: Montreal, Seattle, New York, Vancouver, and Chicago. So far, by far, flights from Toronto to Montreal, vice versa have been the most successful as most, if not all flights have been full. Other flights not so much, even though I’ve lowered ticket prices to compete with other Airlines. Should I try other locations? Also when looking at my flight ratings, I see that everything is good but my flight attendants… how can I fix that?

A lot of information compacted, I know, I’m just so excited about this game and want to know more!


How long has it been? Give it at least 3 days before you see if a flight is filling up or not. In general, it is best to begin with domestic flights as those are easier to fill than international flights. To improve flight attendant rating go to Commercial -> Cabin Configuration click edit next to the cabin configuration that you want to change and then modify Additional F/As number in the compartment where you want to increase the Flight attendant rating. Keep in mind that total number of flight attendants can not exceed Available Jumpseats

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Thank you very much! I appreciate the help.


I also do want to ask, how do I check my competitors ORS?


In ORS!? There are all flights listed on a specific route.


Thanks. Also, do you know how to deal with bad ratings on “On-Board Services”?


Offer better on board services.

Also connections can play a big role in being successful in AS.
In the older worlds ( so no new Yeager) a high onboard service + good seating = a lot of profit.

Also keep in mind that service profiles have an range limit. So minimum 800km or 1500km anything under that is an standard service profile.

You can look at the route distance at the route evaluation tool

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If you got a first class cabin, give them the best you can give. Unless your flight is less than 300 km, in that case nobody will ride in first. Don’t worry about the magazines or stuff like that. But additional meal services, and food presentation seem to be important.


google Toronto Pearson Airport - then look at the flights that are scheduled there.

You will find that domestic routes in Canada are fairly strong. Long range routes not as much though Pearson, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal can be quite good hubs (watch Montreal as it does have nighttime limitations) - do not use Mirabel it is no longer an international airport.

The model used by the game is based on real world demand - at least tthat is what I have read…so people in Toronto are more likely to fly to close domestic routes as well as US routes.

Medium haul is something that can also work but you have to figure out which destinations are going to be good.

Long haul is something that does not work unless you have built up your short/medium and domestic routes - you need bums in seats to fill those big A330s and 747s

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