Sunbeam Aircorporation

The Sunbeam Aircorporation is the new awesome airline of South East Asia.

Sunbeam got rid off all Bombardier CRJ 900 and Boeing 737-600 today and has just the ultimative Boeing 737-900ER in its fleet. 60 machines are already in service with an additional order for ten Boeing 737-900ER firmed today. All are based at the Phnom Penh International Airport, Cambodia (anyone is invited to get part of the awesomeness there!) and doin’ 207 flights a day to 57 destinations. Sunbeam was in a growing week the choice for a quarter milion passengers making “4U” the ninth largest operator in whole East Asia just 2 month after foundation.

“We connect anyone to anywhere, and anywhere to anyone! We’re awesome!”

Awesome week-closing for awesome airline!

After we made already 13mi AS$ profit last week we were able to increase again by far. Awesome earnings of about 72mi AS$ (+15%) and an even more awesome profit resulting of this profit plus with 16.6mi AS$. You can say that is awesome! Don’t be shy! We’re awesome! Over 300,000 awesome passengers (78% SLF) flew with our fleet of 67 Boeing 737-900ER (many more to come) last week. The small Phnom Penh airport is going to be stuffed with planes… We hope the Government of Cambodia will built a new airport for us! Would be awesome, though… :D

[size="1"]P.S. Still some awesome & intelligent airlines searched which want to fly from Europa/US/Oceania/Africa into PNH![/size]

Awesome new destinations!

Now served by Sunbeam Aircorporation (update for last 7 days or so)



Australia new country

Darwin (daily)

Perth (daily) [will be planned into schedule of next 737-900ER]


Haikou (daily)

Sanya (daily)


Port Blair (6x weekly)


Kota Bharu (6x weekly)

Labuan (2x daily)

Sandakan (6x weekly)

Sibu (6x weekly)

Palau new country

Koror (2x daily)

U.S. Pacific reintroduction of the U.S.

Guam (daily)

Have to be said that our range limit for our Boeing 737-900ER is 5,000km. We may introduce longer routes with the new Boeing 787-8 (also eyeing on the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental). This Boeing 787 may take up routes above 4,000km which can be handled by this widebodies.

Awesome end of awesome delivery - for now

With the Boeing 737-94B/ER registered as XU-ABY, named "Awesome Barracuda", being delivered in about 19 hours at 12:46 UTC the big delivery of the first awesome bunch of Boeing 737-900ER is delivered. 80 machines will have started servicing for the Sunbeam Aircorp. from Phnom Penh, Cambodia then. With actual plans for further expansions a total fleet of 100 planes of this type prior this year. Many new destinations, mostly in China, are planned to be added till Summer, even most likely during Spring.

EDIT: 24 hours before the weekend closing we have already passed the earnings of the last week! Profit should be far off 20mi AS$!

Awesome week-closing.

The Sunbeam Aircorp. did close this week ten minutes ago. 17% increase for revenue (+12mi AS$ in sum) and an profit plus of awesome 35% (+5.8mi AS$ in sum). Our margin grew from 23% to 27% while we now have all 80 Boeing 737-94B/ER in service. We’re saving now money to order again some 25 to 30 new planes from Boeing once the Boeing 787 will be available (of course those won’t be all 787). The awesome CEO named as potential destinations Paris and Sydney, while he also mentioned contractional interest would be there to offer weekly non-stop service to a Scandinavian city. Pretty sure the Boeing 787-8 would look stunning in our black & blue color scheme!

Awesome greets!

Awesome information

I did some work on this while I was awesomely bored. Would be nice you could at least view and hope you think it’s looking awesomely good for a short, awesome information.

This is definitly an awesome Airline with lot s of awesome information and several awesome destinations

It s nearly legend - wait for it - dary

True story, bro! haha

Awesome infopage was updated.

We got some little bros for our massive Boeing 737-900ER fleet: five Boeing 737-800 were leased & we are passionly waiting for the awesome, new aircraft types!


… we’re the awesome sixth largest airline in whole East Asia.

… we’re the second largest airline in Southeast Asia.

… we’re the largest airline in East Asia not having any widebody.

… we’re the third largest airline in Eat Asia not using regional jets/turboprops.

+10 awesome Boeing 737-900ER - XU-AEQ will be our 100th Boeing 737-900ER … and that’s all going out from one little airport! :P

I reckon you are taking your awesome airline to a whole new awesomer level :) All the best!

You got it! Thanks. One day I will come back to Dubai. Just a matter of weeks. :P

EDIT: Eventhough you declined the IL back then. :D

Awesome announcement of future long-haul routes

Today the managment of the Sunbeam Aircorporation published a list of firmed destination to be flown with delivery of the first bunch of ten Boeing 787-84B (when it will be available). The negotiations with major airports around the world were successful. They’re pleased to welcome this awesome bird which will probably bring many new passengers and many connections through Phonh Penh. The CEO is optimistic that the new fleet will be a success with - then - nearly 3,000 departures per week at PNH.

The list:

  1. London Heathrow Airport, Australia

  2. Sydney Airport, Australia

  3. Perth Airport, Australia (will be taken over from the Boeing 737-900ER; flight 4U 519/520)

  4. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, France

  5. Melbourne Tullamarine, Australia

To accommodate a high fleet utlization intra-Asian routes can be occur. The actual list for possible destinations to get F.U.F. flights:

  1. Singapore Changi, Singapore

  2. Kuala Lumpur International, Malaysia

  3. Tawau Airport, Malaysia*

  4. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Thailand

  5. Bandar Seri Begawan International, Brunei

*The regional airport of Tawau has a short runway coming up with just 1,706m and was mentioned as a possible "just 787" route but this was skipped. All 5 daily flights are full for now, so we can bring extra capacity offers to Tawau and hold the fleet utilization high.

P.S. Will most likely be the shortest runway in AirlineSim to get a scheduled Boeing 787 service. :D

Latest figures from our awesome hub:

  • circa 60,000 passengers (510,000+ passengers) per week

From 510,000+ passengers a week:

90% are transfering at our hub to another flight of us

5% are hopping to another airline

5% are headed straight for another city / from another city

(numbers are exact the same for inbound and outbound flights)

Awesomeness is going on - no, rising!

The 107th Boeing 737-900ER arrives in the next hours and five more Boeing 737-800 will join the fleet directly from the manufacturer. Meanwhile we were able to lift the SLF again up to 80%, increase the revenue by 16% from 102.5 million AS$ to 118.4 million AS$, profit was increased by 39% from weak 19.7 million AS$ to 27.5 million AS$. The Sunbeam Aircorp. has now more than 2,500 flights a week (365 flights a day / 15 flights an hour) - to be honest: If you see the airport on Google Earth you will find out that this is absolutely impossible already. Not because there are so many flights but there isn’t so much apron space for dozens of Boeing’s but we will solve that with a new terminal and apron space in 2014! Anyways, we have increased the salaries by 2% for our awesome 10,485 workers. 5,288 of them are flying around Southeast Asia, East Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Pacific or Australia!

C’mon bring me the 787!

EDIT: And yeah, we added Dili, East Timor to our schedule. One daily Boeing 737-900ER for this small airfield. :)

Sunbeam Aircorp. still goes awesome

While some interlining partner went bust - [size=“1”]WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?[/size] - the Sunbeam Aircorporation is still doing well, easily. Plus 50,000 passengers a week, so we had now 566,000 passengers for the last week. 6th largest airline in whole East Asia and rapidly getting onto Haneul Air’s steps with lame 650,000 passengers. And with that we can announce our first profit gone above 30 million AS$. We’re awesome! Still.

Sunbeam pinned order decision for May 9th



With the recent announcement from the ICAO and IATA () the management of the Sunbeam Aircorp. decided to put a first decision whether the order will take place and finally how many machines get into the first bunch.

The CEO Christian Herver said, ‘We’re aware of the fact that a major change in the traffic flow will also have a major impact on us as we’re living from transfer passengers. The largest problem is “How will the passengers now decide?” aside from the fact that our product is well-established and most probably the best in the region. We’re careful with our moves for now and just some further used Boeing 737NG were leased and five Boeing 737-900ER are being delivered in the next days which were already ordered a while ago. If we can stand where we are (or even better), we will make our widebody order truth.’ That said, the options and MoU volume hasn’t changed.

Hell yeah!



The recent week was so good we decided to publish some figures:

  • LF was about 82% (rising)
  • From 800,000 offered seats, 658,000 seats were used (means we’re just some few thousands PAX/week behind Haneul Air - will be equalised in the next week with more growth)
  • 146.25m AS$ revenue in PAX transport
  • 25,050 AS$ revenue per flight (215 AS$ per passenger)
  • LF cargo was about 33.5% (rising)
  • Overall revenue: 152m AS$
  • Overall profit: 41.2m AS$ (27% margin)

All figures seem to be rising + the new traffic flow seems to be another kick into high air! :D

We will order approx. 40 more Boeing 737-900ER along with already ordered Boeing 787-8 - 7 of them will join the fleet in the next days.

[font="Arial"]The first Boeing 787-8 entering service at 5th May[/font]



[font="Arial"]XU-AFX "Awesome Empress" is our first of seven Boeing 787-8 and will be deployed for first flight training over the weekend on the new route to Melbourne Tullamarine (4U 901/902) which will be tacked-on to the new London Heathrow route (4U 3000/3001). This offer will please the passengers travelling between Europe and Australia but for now we can fill our planes just with passengers from our existing network. If we can the flight to London Heathrow like we can fill our planes to Melbourne we see us "forced" to order larger planes, namely - the Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. The second plane (XU-AFY "Awesome Grand Princess" will arrive later that day and will get the same flight sharing but between the airports of Sydney and Paris (Charles de Gaulle). [/font]

[font="Arial"]Schedule for next planes as following:[/font]

[font="Arial"]XU-AFZ "Awesome Archduchess" - going as completion for XU-AFX on MEL (3x)/LHR (3x), plus Brisbane (BNE) (1x)[/font]

[font="Arial"]XU-AGA "Awesome Queen" - going on PER (7x), plus first regional route (SIN/KUL) (7x)[/font]

[font="Arial"]XU-AGB "Awesome Vicereine" - going on completion for XU-AFY on SYD (3x)/CDG (3x), plus BNE (1x)[/font]

[font=“Arial”]For “GC” and “GD” are yet destinations to be evaluated and we’re about to talk to other CEOs for partnerships for some more “exotic” but well established destinations in Europe or Middle Eastern routes.[/font]

[font=“Arial”]EDIT: It has to be said that we’re already choice No.1 for MEL-LHR! [/font]

Expanding in any direction - medium haul routes with Boeing 787



As we have serious problems getting enough planes in short time running for our busiest routes, we made some more schedules for our next seven Boeing 787-8 (five were ordered in addition to the seven already ordered). While AGC and AGD didn’t have yet firm destinations to fly in our last post we have now enough plans for more planes than we already ordered.

XU-AGC - going to do BNE daily (5x), plus Nadi (NAN) (2x)

XU-AGD - going to do LHR/CDG daily (1x/1x), plus Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) (2x)

XU-AGQ - going on daily MEL (7x)

XU-AGR - going on daily SYD (7x)

XU-AGS - going on Frankfurt (FRA) (3x), plus PER (4x)

XU-AGT - going on Amsterdam (AMS) (3x), plus Adelaide (ADL) (4x)

XU-AGU - going on Los Angeles (LAX) (2x), plus not yet decided destination

We’re operating already with our five Boeing 787-8:

2x weekly Brisbane

6x weekly London Heathrow

7x weekly Melbourne Tullamarine

6x weekly Paris Charles de Gaulle

7x weekly Singapore Changi

7x weekly Sydney

We confirm also those steps (till July):

  • order of 12 more Boeing 787-8

  • order of (up to) 9 new Boeing 747-8i in May but more likely June/July

  • total switch to Boeing 787-8 to Nagoya and Tokyo Haneda, Beijing, Mumbai and Delhi, Seoul Incheon (in this order)

  • of course many new destinations in Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, East Asia, Indian Ocean/Africa

Our financial week - oh so wonder! - was also very good with a margin of 33% and a profit of AS$ 58m. :)