Terminating Interlining agreement

I terminated an interlining agreement because I found out it was costing me too much in personnel costs. I was expecting to have a lot of network planners available for redundancy to help reduce my weekly costs, but they are not. I have no way of getting rid of them at the moment.

Will I be able to get rid of them soon or am I stuck with them?

Strange, some of them should be redundant. If there are still no redundancies after the end of your current financial week, report it to AS staff.

But no need to panic, I’m pretty sure redundancies are updated at the end of financial week. :)

I terminated the agreement a day or two ago, and I have just had my financial week-end. The personnel are still not redundant…do I have to wait a set amount of time until the agreement is terminated fully as it is still showing in the list of agreements, but it does say terminated.

Oooh, now I remember. You need to wait for the other airline’s FW to end. Then the interlining agreement will be fully terminated and some of your staff redundant. ;)

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. :D


I don’t know if it has to do with your - or your interlining partner’s - financial week-end. Flights are entered in the ORS three days ahead. So perhaps it takes three days before your network staff finishes working.

Anyway, if you have several interlining agreements, it might be wise to keep the redundant staff on your payroll… As your fleet grows, you will need more network staff in the coming weeks. If you fire them, you will have to pay them out. And that will cost you 4 or 5 weeks salary for each of them.