The big thread of opportunities!

Peru is now empty on Croydon.

South Korea is now empty on Croydon.

Turkey is empty on Tempelhof

India on Xiguan is virtually empty, only one moderately sized airline that is already inactive for 3 months now and few very small ones are left.
AGEX is also very high atm

Vietnam empty on Tempelhof

Taiwan is empty on Nicosia

Mexico on Gatow will be empty to the end of Feb.2020 :wink:

While Otto VI is a very crowded world, I have recently noticed emptiness in the following airports (Pax demand at least 6/10):

Open for Foreign Investment / Unrestricted Market Access:

Buenos Aires-Aeroparque (AEP)
Quito (UIO) + Guayaquil (GYE) - strong candidate for frequent shuttle service
Nairobi Int’l (NBO)
Panama City (PTY) - good for a possible South America to North America banking model (see current real-life flag carrier Copa)

Not open for Foreign Investment:

Addis Ababa (ADD)
Both Seoul Airports (GMP/ICN; GMP looking emptier)
Bahrain (BAH) - great for Cargo hub
Lyon St. Exupery (LYS), Marseille (MRS), Nice (NCE)

Some of these will be tougher than others due to ground networks and international demands so I would recommend further research before starting. Anyways hope this helps someone

Brazil on Riem is open - largest airlines just disappeared, so almost no competitors and a huge market for any new airline.

Canada on Aspern is completely free…

  • I offer support for new players :wink:

China on Fornebu as well.

I just liquidated my airline on nicosia based in Hangzhou.
A lot of slots in Hangzhou and some other chinese airports will become available. Especially at night time.

Just killed my airline in Wright out of IST last night. Lots of 734s in the market I presume.
When my credit runs out , I may kill my other airline as well…
Just because of the attidude of some people here…

Enjoy it. Anatolian Skyways will be the ultimate dominator/rix in Turkish world in that game.

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Singapore on Fornebu has some good opportunities

Mexico on aspern is open, there’s only a small inactive company

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Mexico on Aspern is completely free now, I’m also willing to help newcomers =)

Turkey on aspern is open too

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Egypt is completely empty on Fornebu :slight_smile:

Russia is empty on Fornebu

Malaysia big airline group is now being liquidated on IDL