The big thread of opportunities!


Fiji is completely empty on Stapleton! :)


Thailand on Devau is now empty.



I was going to contact you ingame, but I don't think you're on Stapleton, are you? :o



I was going to contact you ingame, but I don't think you're on Stapleton, are you? :o

( "Called ChristianPalsson ingame and Christian Pålsson since birth.")

I'm not on Stapleton so I can't access more than the company page.


Welcome to China on Stapleton and have a chance to compete with the great UAB and Team member Banff. Whoever takes on the challenge against Banff will get free leases (dont tell it´s from me :P).

Just kidding, would never do that against Banff but welcome to China on Stapleton anyways :). 


Updates please :wink:


London Stansted (STN) on Aspern should be free in a few minutes. Large airline shut down a few minutes ago (~4k departures per week)


Also Manchester, GB is pretty free on Aspern. Great opportunity!


@ Riem:

Cairo 83%

Prague 67% (No flag carrier)

Budapest 85% (No flag carrier)

Dublin 71% (No flag carrier)



Updates? Having an awfully hard time finding a city with a good domestic market and little competition. Its really hard, I am checking every server and can't find anything suitable. Best I can find are the  likes of Maldives, Mauritius with high demand, minimal competition, but no real domestic market 


See post 205 for example...?! ;)


wheres that? 


3 posts up from your original?


Read not only the last post in a thread but read at least the last 10 posts.


Europe @ Riem currently offers many opportunities, as the largest company liquidated the other day.


Seoul Incheon on Devau


TPE on Meigs


TPE on Meigs

I am now in TPE


But Ghana is free on Meigs


Brazil in Devau now open