The big thread of opportunities!

For Riem: in Egypt, Algeria, eastern Europe and Japan seems to be very quiet.

Australia is now available on Gatow

On gatow, I just deleted my Peruvian airline company.


  • Nigeria is completely free
  • Indonesia is 50% free, hurry up before the other big airline expands tremendously. Please contact me ingame for cheap leases to help you get a head start.

No more news in this thread? That would be sad…

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Will be liquidating my airline in Turkey in meigs today. Turkish World till today is the only airline operating in Turkey , so very good opportunity to grab.


Thanks for the advice. Took the chance in an instant.

Good luck with that. Turkey has almost unlimited domestic market esp between major cities. No matter how much A350-1000s I flew between Istanbul and Antalya, they were always full. Had 745 planes, almost half of them wide-bodies. Could have made a 1000+ plane fleet but got bored.

Already 9 companies in Turkey.

Manila Philippines is now freely available on Idlewild

Ellinikon: The biggest airline of Britian is gone.

Egypt - CAI 81% (only 1 small airline left)
Pakistan - KHI 87%, ISB 88%, LHE 90% (only one small airline not growing)
Sri Lanka - CMB 78% (no domestic airline)
Costa Rica - SJO 81% (no domestic airline)

Russia completely open on Meigs

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I’ve cleared some posts here that were off-topic.
Please keep this thread about voluntarily posting specific opportunities, nothing else.

I’m sure there’ll be more opportunities coming that’ll be mentioned here.

Thailand on Meigs completely open

You can currently find lots of new opportunities on Nicosia:

  • Iran
  • Canada
  • Malaysia
  • USA (for advanced players)
  • Taiwan

USA on ellinikon server.

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There’s a new opportunity in Mexico on Stapleton.

And Australia on Stapleton

Australia open on Stapleton