The big thread of opportunities!


India is now free, i closed my Airline (no.2 at GATOW) last week



Gatow / India has already a lot of new airlines which are growing very fast.


A lot of new chances! Fornebu is half way open now. No more airlines in Japan, Taiwan, Lao, Cambodia, Kuwait, Iraq, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Bahamas, Honduras, DomRep, Trinidad, Djibouti, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Australia, New Zealand, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, as well as most of Qatar, Senegal, Kenya, Pakistan, Ukraine, Ecuador and Uzbekistan. Oh forgot, 64% of the serverwide transported freight capacity as well as 69,4 % of all passengers transported in Europe will also be deleted. So all together about 16.000 aircraft and 800 billion in assets are deleted.




Russia in Gatow completely open.

Have fun


Looking for opportunities in Ellinikon. Came back to the game after a year or two pause

Greece is quite open. (A lot of smaller airlines there) 



Saudi Arabia

JED 66%

RUH 68%

DMM 76%

Two small airlines currently based - be a good battle to start an airline there. 


Completely open - only a couple of airlines, other players have managed to built 1000+ plane strong airlines due to their perfect geographical Europe-Iran-Asia connecting possibilities. 

Czech Republic

Prague 70%

Surprised nobody has picked this up yet - massive opportunity for a player looking for a challenge.



Everyone go ahead and play Indonesia on Stapleton as Indo just died! The most fun country I have ever had.



The country is empty for 100%.

Not one single LET is regiestered in Egypt.


Cairo and Jeddah completely free on Devau.


Gatow, Chile.

Domestic market completely free.


Venezuela completely open on Idlewild



CDG, MXP, DUB, LGW, LTN, STN nearly empty.

Have fun ;)



The country is empty for 100%.

Not one single LET is regiestered in Egypt.

Again - fully open.


On Stapleton i just deleted my airline in China, biggest in the market, second biggest in the world in terms of pax/week. So a lot of openings should appear.

Enjoy !


Because of the coming changes concerning the Credit consumption, I will delete my Airline from Thailand on the server Meigs.

This step is a signal, that I do not agree with the increase of the price for the Performance of the AS-Team in the last year and only empty phrases on the outlook for the next year. I‘m very disappointed with the development of the game over the last years. I will continue the game on Croydon, but if there won‘t be any important changes in the next year I have to consider my future activities within AirlineSim.

My airline, Thai Asian Airways is the only airline from Thailand. If you will need any advice, please let me know. Also the members of my Alliance, the Sky Alliance, will be happy to assist any new Player on Meigs.

Kind regards



Some of our alliance players have also liquidated secondary/tertiary holdings. I think we have had 4 or 5 liquidations in recent days. It’s a clear message.


Let’s keep this thread to opportunities. Discussions regarding the increased pricing may continue in separate posts :slight_smile:


Which server?

Idlewild, Russia, Peru, South Africa, Venezuela, Peru.


Mexico is now available on Idlewild.


The largest and practically only airline of Saudi Arabia also liquidated in recent days, there is opening in large Saudi airports such as Jeddah and Riyadh. Idlewild.