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Osaka - Brisbane now 2x daily

Nippon Air and babyBlue are now proudly offering a 2 times daily service from Osaka to Brisbane, the flights are now operated with all new Nippon Air Boeing 777 aircrafts. The planes are equipped within the highest luxury comfort norm and the service on this route won’t miss any INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance standards. A codeshare agreement was made with alliance partner babyBlue which is serving the flights with perfectly balanced connection possibilities

INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance March 2011 Commercials

The INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance presents the March 2011 Advertising Lineup; with a facelift to previous designs and the full integration of our new alliance partners, the INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance is proud to present its loyal customer base with yet another innovation that we named INDEPENDENT SKYWEB. So far, our passengers were mostly either in-air or on-air; now they can enjoy both at the same time, relaxing in more than 30.000 feet in an environment of comfort and care, while browsing the web for either entertainment or business purposes. The INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance reinforces for once again its image as an industry innovator by setting up an alliance-wide network standard accessible for the customer using just one access passport on flights of all our member carriers.

With the full integration of TOSC WINGS and Trans European Airlink (TEA), the INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance holds now also a major foothold in the important European market, also serving as bridge across the Atlantic for Voyager Arabia in the Middle East to link its network to US carrier Omikron Airways. With completion of both its International as well as Domestic terminals in Osaka Kansai, Nippon Air, Japan’s second largest International airline has made the list of our award winning, five star rated INDEPENDENT SKYTERMINALS become even longer, amplifying your journey outbound Japan now already before you have actually boarded your flight.

Voyager Arabia has in the meantime finally arrived on a Global scale; weekly passengers in excess of 500.000 make it the world’s current number 32, and the actual number 4 in the Gulf. Long haul operations have been increased, introducing the new Boeing 777 Twinjet Series to the fleet, increasing frequencies to Munich, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Dubai, Istanbul and Singapore. The 777 fleet is expected to grow to a total of 20x aircraft alone by the end of April.

babyBlue of Australia has completed its rebranding campaign in mid February, with the new corporate colours representing the links between carrier and its homeland to an even stronger degree. Also here, 777 widebody jets have replaced 737 Jets on mid haul routes, increasing passenger comfort and service as just one measurement of a total quality overhaul.

So in whatever region you’re travelling, the INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance and its united carriers are undertaking all possible improvements to stay also in future your number one alliance in the world that you can always rely on.

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[b]9x New VACHERON SUISSE Destinations and New Increased Services

[/b]Right on-time for the Easter Days 2012, VACHERON SUISSE has completed its integration of 12x brand new aircraft that it had subsequently taken delivery of over the past days.

With 2x additional Boeing 737-700 BGW, 4x Bombardier CRJ900 and furthermore 6x Bombardier CRJ700 that have all been deployed at our primary hub position at Zurich-Kloten (LSZH/ZRH), VACHERON SUISSE International Airlines is now offering more than 1.850 Departures to more than 90x International Destinations from Zurich alone.

New arrivals to the schedule are the following services:

  • Teneriffe South (TFS), 7x Weekly - Boeing 737-700 BGW

  • Helsinki Vantaa (HEL), 14x Weekly - Bombardier CRJ900

  • Nantes (NTE), 14x Weekly - Bombardier Q400 / CRJ700

  • Shannon (SNN), 7x Weekly - Bombardier CRJ700

  • Sofia (SOF), 14x Weekly - Bombardier CRJ700

  • Thessaloniki (SKG), 14x Weekly - Bombardier CRJ700

  • Moscow Sheremetyevo, (SVE), 14x Weekly - Bombardier CRJ700

  • St Petersburg Pulkovo (LED), 14x Weekly - Bombardier CRJ700

  • Leipzig/Halle Schkeuditz (LEJ), 7x Weekly - Bombardier CRJ700

Furthermore, there has been an increase in services to Burgas, Izmir, Zagreb, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin Tegel, Hannover, Las Palmas, Fuerteventura, Antalya, Alicante, Valencia and Venice.

The current network expansion is part of the plan to make the Zurich Hub ready for wide-body long-haul operations to intercontinental destinations overseas. Possible starting destinations include New York JFK, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo Guarulhos, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Dubai, Riyadh, Doha, Delhi, Shanghai Pu Dong, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Seoul Incheon and Hong Kong. Potential wide-body aircraft are still being evaluated. The decision could be made between the Airbus A330/A340 Series, the Boeing 767 Series, the Boeing 777 Series or the entirely new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The final decision will be announced in due course.

Parallel to expansion out of Zurich, VACHERON SUISSE International Airliens is determined to soon add further destination and frequencies at our secondary hubs at Geneva Cointrin (LSGG/GVA) and Euro Airport Basel (LSZB/EAP). It is currently planned to add new and larger Boeing 737-800 and 737-900 Series aircraft to the fleet, replacing some of the Boeing 737-700 BGWs based at Zurich on peak services. This will add a substantial amount of extra network capacity out of Zurich and allow us to base the first Boeing 737 Series aircraft at both Geneva and Basel.

VACHERON SUISSE International Airlines

[size="3"]So far unseen liveries of INDEPENDENT SKY ALLIANCE members:[/size]


Aerobras Linhas Aereas do Brasil // Bombardier CRJ 900 // PP-QQM // Santarém[/b]

TEA - Trans European Airlink // Boeing 777-200 // PH-XXL

australia pacific // Boeing 777-200 // VH-QLG // jetstreamer

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Sydney - May 1st 2012

australia pacifics management is proud to announce a planned order of 10 new Boeing 787 aircraft, in order to add new international routes from Brisbane and Melbourne as well as replace the Boeing 777 aircraft on some routes to provide a complete new product to our customers. The Boeing 787 will be equipped with a whole different cabin, offering many more features to make the journey more comfortable. With the inauguration of the 787, australia pacific decided to implement a new fare system within its business class on longhaul routes. The so called business connected fares offer a better product for a better price. The plan is to make a comfortable journey more achievable for any customer and provide a better connection between the business metropolises in Australia, Asia and the USA. Therefore every flight newly operated from Brisbane or Melbourne will have the best connecting flights possible at its destination. Also the businnes connected fares include the possibility to book a hotel at a cheaper rate, have a free transfer to the hotel or the businnes meeting, stay at any INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance, INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance member airline or Australia Pacific businnes lounge at the airport and have a faster check in and boarding.

Voyager Arabia wird Boeing 787 Großkunde - Langstrecke wächst um weitere 9x Ziele in Australien, den USA sowie Lateinamerika


[/b]Beirut/Geneva - EN

Voyager Arabia becomes a major customer in Boeing’s 787 campaign. Today’s decision sees the Gulf Airline making a firm order for 10x exemplars of Boeing’s latest long-haul twin-jet and options landing for further 50x aircraft. The first 16x delivered aircraft will be operated on 9x new ultra-long-haul destinations. With Sydney, Sao Paulo, New York and Los Angeles, those include 4x destinations that had been served in the past by Voyager Arabia, but also 5x all-new destinations with Melbourne, Bogota, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Phoenix…

It is planned that further 787-Deliveries will subsequently replace the current Boeing 30x unit-strong 767-Fleet over the next couple of weeks to achieve further efficiency gains on Voyager Arabia’s long-haul business. The board emphasized on Wednesday: , The 787 has always been a very interesting aircraft for Voyager Arabia. Not only does it allow us to offer the latest long-haul product on the market to our customers, it also enables us to expand our route-work to those destinations that we previously weren’t able to offer due to the lack of suitable aircraft capacity. In the long-term, this will certainly benefit Beirut as a global hub position and foster new passenger streams on connecting flights thus enhancing the business model as a whole."

About Voyager Arabia

Together with its regional subsidiary Seven Air, Voyager Arabia (VR) is part of the Voyager Airlines Group and one of the largest Airlines in the Arabian Peninsular. With more than 230 state-of-the-art aircraft, and more than 4.200 weekly departures from its international hub airport in Beirut, Voyager Arabia currently flies more than 900.000 passengers every week to more than 120 destinations on five continents around the globe. Voyager Arabia is committed to the benefit of its more than 21.000 employees and a constant member of the ASIX 20 leading stock index.

Beirut/Genf - DE

Voyager Arabia wird neuer Großkunde im 787 Programm von Boeing. Mit der heute getroffenen Entscheidung hat die Golf Airline 10x Exemplare des neuen Langstreckenjets fest bestellt, und bis zu 50x weitere Einheiten optioniert. Die ersten 16x ausgelieferten Einheiten werden das globale Streckennetz um 9x neue Ziele auf der Ultra-Langstrecke ergänzen. Mit Sydney, Sao Paulo, New York sowie Los Angeles kehren 4x bereits in der Vergangenheit bediente Destinationen in den Flugplan zurück. Dazu kommen mit Phoenix, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Bogota sowie Melbourne 5x gänzlich neue Strecken ins Voyager Programm.

Im Laufe der nächsten Wochen sollen weitere Einheiten der 787-Baureihe sukzessive die bestehenden 30x Einheiten der 767-Flotte ersetzen und so zu einer Effizienzsteigerung auf der Langstrecke beitragen.

Die Konzernspitze betonte am Mittwoch: ,Die 787 war für Voyager Arabia von Beginn an ein sehr interessantes Flugzeug. Wir können unseren Kunden damit nicht nur das fortschrittlichste Langstreckenprodukt am Markt bieten, sondern unser Netz um Strecken erweitern, die wir vorher mangels passenden Fluggerätes nicht rentabel anbieten konnten. Das wird das Drehkreuz Beirut langfristig stärken und neue Passagier -und Umsteigeströme generieren."

Über Voyager Arabia

Voyager Arabia (VR) ist zusammen mit der Regional Airline Seven Air Teil der Voyager Airlines Group und eine der größten Airlines im Arabischen Golf. Zusammen befördern beide Unternehmen mit mehr als 230 modernen Verkehrsflugzeugen bei mehr als 4.200 wöchentlichen Abflügen vom Drehkreuz Beirut aus über 900.000 Passagiere wöchentlich zu mehr als 120 Flugzielen auf 5 Kontinenten. Voyager Arabia ist ein sicherer Arbeitgeber für seine mehr als 21.000 Menschen starke Belegschaft und als börsennotierter Konzern ein konstanter Wert im ASIX 20 Leitindex.

The first, best and greatest Gulf Airline ever…

…from Lebanon .





TOKYO - As from today Japan based Nippon Air introduces a revised corporate identity, including a new logo and a new livery. The modern interpretation shows the japanese rising sun in combination with the japanese crane and symbolizes the uprising airline and its philosophy. The INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance welcomes this step and will provide help by introducing the new design in every part of the company. Therefore as the planes will stay in the paintshop each for a week, other INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance planes will operate the flights involved.


SYDNEY [/b]- Australia Pacific has rolled out a new logo jet, promoting its routes from Sydney to Hawaii. "Today we only fly to Honolulu, but there are more destinations to come. Therefore we are now promoting Hawaii on one of our Boeing 787 aircraft" - stated the CEO in an interview. The plane is registered as VH-SVT and will be named "Spirit of Hawaii" in a ceremony later today.


During a special ceremony today, Nippon Air rolled out its newly painted Boeing 787 in the special "Yokosu Japan" design. The plane is celebrating Japans year of tourism in 2013, whereas Japans government is paying 10,000 airfare tickets for foreign visitors. So Yokosu Japan or Welcome Japan dear visitors.


INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance welcomes Aero Malta

Effective with the 17th February 2014, Aero Malta became a full member of the INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance. We warmly welcome Aero Malta, and wish to discover the world with you.


INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance presents Asian Shootingstars

As from today both of our Asian Shootingstars will fly under their newly overdone liveries:

LaoAirstar, the fresh lotus of Laos


Cathay Star, China's heart



The INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance has a new member in the United States of America. Welcome Voyager Atlantic, lets go and discover the world.


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INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance reveals new Princess Airways Identity

Princess Airways, member of the INDEPENDENT Sky Alliance in Russia, has switched from its red tone into a dark blue new logo and livery.